skinsperiments: oh bugger + oh, okay then

Cleanser experiments: fail. Clogging and drying. Both with creamy cleansers alone, and with oil alone.

Solution: oats. In an ideal world, a cruelty-free version of Aveeno moisturizing bar or A-Derma’s version (the latter contains mineral oil etc., the former doesn’t and is more oaty). Stopgap solution: plain fine-milled oats. You know, the raw material for porridge and flapjacks. As the good Doctor put it,

Johnson's Dictionary: oats

Johnson’s Dictionary (1755): The British Library (image links to original source)

Hmmm: speaking as a partial Scot, that’s fighting talk. Speaking as a 21st-century Vancouverite, I’d love to know what The Doctor would make of our uses of oaty goodness and what that says of us. Combined with animal-loving and other posthuman aspects.

Yes, there is more than one Doctor. And yes, all good solid Brits 🙂

That is all: the last three days’ worth of updates to the sunscreens post have been somewhat draining. Might have had an effect on skin too.

So, oaty stuff: not the first time this has been used on my skin (that would be nearly 40 years ago, when I was a wean). Probably not the last. The damn stuff works, is all. Skin is soft, moist, calm. All roughness and starts of zitty clogginess: gone. Just feels lovely. I don’t feel anything at all. I’m not so weird as to be going around stroking my own face all the time (let alone other body parts: oh yes, the experiment was all over).

Interestingly, when my skin’s been in a State Of Er-mergawd-mergency in the past, including when in hospital, the other things that’s worked has been mineral oil. I don’t ever get cloggy with it. And it’s easier to apply all over than is oatmeal. I don’t mix in butter (see image above), just water.

So, nice animal-friendly environment-hugging apothecaries and other concocters of magic potions and lotions: time for a moisturizing cleansing bar that’s a near-dupe for the aforementioned ones. Can’t be that hard. (And no, NOT a cold-pressed traditional-method soap that’s super-fatted and bursting full of oats, or a variation on the theme of “harsh stripping destructive evil lye soap” as I prefer to call them: high pH and a bloody disaster on my skin. If unlucky, that bleeding is literal rather than figurative.)

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