1. Away.

2. Sorry, didn’t even look at Ye Blogge or MakeupAlley at all, ever!!! since the end of May.

3. I didn’t actually think about either Praise Of Folly or MUA for hours at a time and then days in a row. Now, I’m not going to claim that feels good, virtuous, victorious; though it sure must look like a triumph over the OCD journaling of minutiae that both these activities, let’s face it, really are. In their deep inner nature. Which happens to coincide with superficial appearances, to the innocent / ignorant outside observer.

4. But I was doing other things that kept me busy. So it wasn’t really a deliberate thing, with intent; nor was it a great labour, with trials and tribulations, and deserving of high praise. Nope. Just doing other stuff, in other places.


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