✪ consider this the “whole-being beautification” links
✪ some life and lifestyle and beautiful-living stuff
✪ some cross-over, as ever, with titivation…
✪ … plus BONUS STUFF not on the main links page!
✪ featuring some gent-orientated blogs in the “style” section. Errrm, I do actually read and use them myself–The Sartorialist is for everyone anyway, but I’ve always preferred flat shoes and more gender-neutral or indeed masculine cuts of clothes anyway. Plus no handbags, only backpacks and manbags.
✪ includes some local links, not just for environmentalist reasons, but because I have the good fortune to live in one the most beautiful (and stylish) places in the world
✪ I’ve held off on foodie blogs, and gastroveggie ones–way too many. There might be a leisurely impressionistic-overview post on them at some point.