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2. It carries no advertising and is being run in my leisure time, for free.

3. Products used and discussed have not been given to me by companies. Or sent to me to review. Nor have I been paid to review any of them, be that in kind (gifts of product to review, other gifts, vouchers) or in filthy lucre.

4. All products reviewed have been tested out, unless explicitly indicated otherwise.

5. Any information here is highly unlikely to be universally applicable, and not intended as a universal panacea. Not only do I have no elixirs of eternal youth and perfect beauty, but I don’t believe they exist.

6. This site is NOT intended as a substitute for seeing an actual proper professional, or for consulting them for advice.

7. This site also contains a fair amount of stuff that’s not directly, immediately related to skincare, haircare, and makeup. Viewer discretion is advised. It’s possible that you’ll disagree with some of the things I say. That’s fine. I might disagree with you, too. Such is the nature of civilised grown-up life. If you’re open to sensible sane discussion, then comment.

8. Don’t nick my stuff. That includes: words, clauses, sentences, paragraphs; the ideas expressed therein; neologisms; and jokes, however weak, lame, or crappy.

9. All images are linked to their sources, at least the first time they are used.

10. See also: credo & caveats and other gingery warnings.


1. All comments are subject to moderation.

2. Comments do not have to be attached to your real-world identity. They may be made anonymously or pseudonymously: that’s cool with me, and your choice of online identity–and approach to online identity–will be respected.

3. Indeed, as a measure to protect you against trolling and other online abuse: disguise is actively encouraged. Be safe. Look after yourself. Your health, survival, and well-being are of paramount importance.

4. Comment is not free. It is public and should be polite, civil, and courteous.

5. Spam goes straight in the trash. Smart spam may suffer a worse indignity: it may be subject to ridule as well as deletion. Trolling ditto, if it has sufficient content to merit comment. Boring spam and trolling–the same old stuff all over the net–or the kind that’s simply insulting and offensive: in the bin.

6. IP addresses are visible, and repeat offenders will be logged and may be blocked.

7. Comment is neither free nor a right. It is a responsibility. As with other utterances: think before you speak. Stupid and/or unthinking comments may be deleted: as much in the interests of their maker–to protect them from public embarrassment, in all kindness–as in the interests of readers.

8. This blog is my little kingdom, and I am its king. Absolute. By divine right, ℅ WP. Whoopee doo, go me.

9. But: that also entails responsibility at my end too. Like other online spaces, this blog is a polis, we are cives in a res publica, and acting as in/at court.

To be just: fair in the exercise of justice; to give a fair hearing–this includes reading all comments, including obvious spam, before deleting them; to weigh up a case before reaching a judgement.

To be magisterial: a magistrate, master, the “mastery” of knowledge and wisdom. Not majestic: except when appropriate, re. Folly-praising.

10. But I’m not God. That’s WordPress. Ultimate Authority and Maker.