skin disaster updates + coming up next…

Main update: skin is improving and nearly “normal.” Touch wood (or soft fluffy bunny). How and why are mysterious as the exact mechanism is unknown and has not been tracked systematically, due to my having other things to do (work, life) which are incompatible with obsessively attending to skin-condition. My doctor suspects the following:

  1. Paying less attention to skin and more attention to other things has probably been a positive contributing factor.
  2. Skin improvement has meant that (1) above was possible in the first place, because my skin didn’t hurt so I could ignore it. Skin not hurting, skin slowly healing, triggered a neat nice virtuous circle.
  3. My skin may have simply taken a regular renewal time to heal: that is, two months after the multiple initial dramas at the beginning of March.
  4. Work stress, anxiety, and overwork have been a negative contributing factor. They would have put my whole system in a weakened state, including increased sensitivity, proneness to over-reaction, and lower defenses. I’ve been more physically ill this year than previously, and less mentally well. 
  5. A positive that may have helped in the last two weeks: it’s a calmer time of year, work-wise, and I talked to work-people who were supportive in various ways, including reducing my work-load. Moral of the story: talk to people, openly and honestly, including your boss. If you’re valuable you will be valued. If you’re anxious and/or depressed, you may have no idea as to whether or not you and your work are valued and valuable, and you may have no way of telling precisely because your judgement is off. This may of course be a high-risk gamble if you are in fact neither valuable nor valued; so talk to trustworthy peer-colleagues first. (If you have none, then it’s probably a sign you should change job; been there, done that…)

Current stuff used:

  • Meadowfoam seed oil as makeup remover; warm water & a fresh cleansing pad flannel thing every time
  • La Roche-Posay Lipikar cream cleanser; ditto
  • Garden of Wisdom anti-puffery eye serum (hyaluronic acid, caffeine, matrixyl 3000)
  • Garden of Wisdom green tea hydragel serum (= Wise/Poor Man’s Replenix no. 1)
  • La Roche-Posay Cicaplast balm
  • DIY shea butter + olive oil + beeswax lipbalm
  • Derma E Face SPF 30 (16% ZnO, also green tea, vitamin C (SAP), no silicones; = Wise/Poor Man’s Replenix no. 2)
  • Badger unscented SPF 35 stick (22.5% ZnO)

Next up: 

  • review of Derma E Face SPF 30: I’ll expand the quick notes on my notepad at the  “morosophical beautification” page
  • review of that Garden of Wisdom eye stuff, and a couple of comparisons
  • review of the Badger sunstick, comparisons (Babo Botanical, Elemental Herbs, BurnOut)
  • I’ll keep my eyes open for any new sunscreen that looks Ginger-compatible, and anything else useful and, again, usable on yours truly.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

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Happy Earth Day 2015!

I’ve said it before and will, I’m sure, say it again: Earth Day should be every day. Ditto International Women’s Day, May/Labour/International Workers’ Day, and every religious holiday that involves gifts, food, and happy partying.

Earth Day special messages? Um, let’s see. Probably nothing new.

  1. Reuse, refuse, recycle, reject consumerism. Rebel against fast fashion and trash culture. Buy less, only what’s needed. Give away more (plus it’s scientifically-proven to make you feel better). The usual eco-conscious yada yada yada.
  2. Join the crusade against plastic evil. Avoid plastic bags: opt when possible for recyclable bags, ideally already made from recycled plastic, and when possible for other materials. Take fabric / nylon bags with you when shopping. This includes non-food shopping: refuse fancy Named Bags from Named Places too, unless they’re environmentally-friendly. As for the unavoidable plastic bags and all old ones hanging around, reuse (as trash bags in smaller waste-bins around the house; instead of cling-film/sarah wrap; etc.) and wash out and keep reusing (if need be taping together over holes). You’ve seen the images of what plastic bags do to wildlife. You’ll be surprised how long the damn things last when you try to use them to death.
  3. Plastic crusade (2): sarah wrap, the diabolical polystyrene foam (yell at any etailers using the awful stuff, bring your own container to take-away food places), excess packaging. 
  4. Campaign against environmental destruction and for sustainability, protection, prevention of harm, and The Planet in general. Yell at people. Politely and diplomatically too; especially Big People Who Matter in the political and corporate spheres. 
  5. Campaign against climate-change-deniers, bandwagon-jumping greenwashers, manipulative fear-mongerers; and all other ignorance, folly, appeals to idiocracy, and pseudoscience. Campaign for education and investment in it, for a sustainable long-term future. Including universal compulsory education in science and reasoning (logic, rhetoric, philosophy, critical thinking, scientific methodology, the history and philosophy of science).
  6. For all basic everyday necessities–coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.–buy environmentally-responsibly-produced. If that costs more (as it should, if this is fair and equitable trade), buy and consume less. Looking forward to treats is more rewarding than acting all entitled. (The same goes for cosmetics and other beautifying stuff.)
  7. Look after our planet and hope it keeps looking after us. Give thanks every day for basic things like coffee, chocolate, tea, and everything that smells good. 
  8. Enjoy the free stuff while it’s still there and free. Here in Vancouver, the air is a start. Except when we get tanker leaks and chlorine fires in the port, but that’s something to keep working on.
  9. Do what I keep telling myself to do and don’t do enough: live a little, be outside, hug trees, spend time enjoying the free stuff, and above all: 
  10. try to spend some time outside time. My aim is for one day a week, one whole day, liberated from my watch and all electronic devices, just living by solar and human-body time. Remember you’re not just post-human, you’re also human and pre-human and transpanmetahuman, you are a whole ecosystem that contains lots of non-human life-forms. All these things together, you’re alive and a carbon-based organic biological creature like any other on Earth. A scary thought, a humbling one, maybe also a happy and hopeful one.



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There’s been a lot of hilarity recently at the expense of the poor Food Babe. Yes, she is foolish; yes, the extent of her folly is dangerous. Her ignorance is as deep and broad as her convictions are strong and her “Army” is legion. I’m sorry but we’re talking Biblical, Apocalyptic levels of folly here so “legion” is the only appropriate term here. But there is worse and funnier, more foolish and more popular. 

Meet Dawn’s Brain:

There’s more and maybe worse…

lippie today (2)

lippie and what else is on the face a.k.a. The Routine (much as I loathe the word and idea)

Routine, schmoutine. Routine, rootin’-tootin’, poutine, pah! Now we’re talking.

routine? give me poutine
The skin on my face is still not exactly normal, but we’re managing to co-exist. I think my face is calming down and getting better, slowly slowly. My forehead is OK, nose, most of my cheeks. Chin and jaw-line are still a but itchy and iffy, and usually the area between just under my cheek-bones and the wings of my nose will get grumpy and spotify later in the evening. It’s OK now (nearly 8 p.m.), yesterday it did its daily reminder around 10 p.m., last week it was around when I was coming home from work (so, between 7 and 8:30 p.m.). At the beginning of last week, the itchy rashy spottiness was further up my face, on my cheeks and temples, with some red dots on my forehead the weekend before. So it’s diminishing and coming down my face. All very fascinating to watch.

Current stuff and what I do with it:


  1. wash with warmish water + cotton or bamboo flannel round (a reusable make-up removal pad, basically; a fresh one every time) + La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet cream-gel washlrp lipikar syndet
  2. dry face