Really seriously nothing to report

Nothing “interesting-interesting” anyway. 

Success stories: managing to go shopping in Whole Foods for those few basic necessities I actually need from there and can get nowhere else, and then getting out without spending a three-figure sum and/or killing anyone.

Beautification stuff: skin more settled. It loves Vancouver cool rain.

I’ve moved back to *shriek* less granola stuff because it’s cheaper and more readily immediately available, reducing time and transport costs. This also means I can give more money (and, now, occasionally, time) to organisations helping migrants / refugees. Two words, one same thing–people in movement–for humanitarian and human purposes; and anyone thinking otherwise is 

  1. linguistically ignorant
  2. historically and culturally ignorant
  3. inhuman, and 
  4. probably a hypocrite who doesn’t know or doesn’t want to know about their own history. 

So, yes, there have been more important and interesting things to think about and do than morosophical beautification. I know, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it? 


Anyway. Here’s what I’m currently using, head to toe. Not that much cheaper, but more minimal:

  1. Toothpaste: anything without SLS, with fluride, and with a minty taste based on actual mint. Jason or Sensodyne, no preference except price.
  2. La Roche-Posay Tolériane cleansing lotion: face. Works better, less is needed, and cheaper than Pure Anada. Which was also fine and the closest equivalent (thanks Matt). 
  3. oil, random mixes, usually mainly cooking sunflower oil with remaining meadowfoam oil (used in blends, I have about six months’ supply left) and also cooking canola oil: yes, GMO and yes, I’m cool with that and indeed science too (not universally–this is science and rationality not belief–and I do also read Paolo Bacigalupi, as should you). Used as eye make-up remover, body moisturiser, scalp massage, on hair, hand and foot soaks, etc.
  4. La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet gel-cream body wash stuff: body-wash and shampoo
  5. Free & Clear shampoo: as shampoo, sometimes mixed in with Lipikar Syndet; also for cleaning menstrual cup; and for hand-washing laundry.
  6. Free & Clear conditioner: also on hair when it’s drying or for styling in cooler damper weather
  7. Garden of Wisdom caffeine peptide eye bag stuff
  8. La Roche-Posay Lipikar AP Baume: as moisturiser all over. I’ve also used it on hair if a bit dry. And eye cream. Skin currently cool with what niacinamide there is in this stuff. Large bottles have been cheap lately in drugstores here.
  9. DIY balm, made from shea butter + olive oil + beeswax: lip balm, and around outer corners of eyes if dry. 
  10. CoTZ sensitive / pediatric SPF 40 sunscreen: still getting through massive supplies bought in the summer, should last me till next year, and in between I will look out for this or EltaMD pure SPF 47 in any sales or special offers online… 
  11. Primal Pit Paste unscented deodorant in the jar: ditto. I buy this about six months’ supply at a time, whenever it’s bargainaceous. I’ve also spotted a couple of more local versions but they’re more expensive and not as ethical
  12. Marcelle eyeliner pencil, the 2-in-1 copper one: special offer, tried, like
  13. Lise Watier féline waterproof mascara: ditto
  14. Silk Naturals HD cream foundation in C10: mainly as eye base / concealer, still using a small pod bought several months ago, will last several more at this rate

Yes I am using LRP stuff: for reasons of 

  • not testing on animals and actively putting money and manpower into alternative testing in countries where barbarous practices continue
  • putting serious money into proper research and sensitive-skin-compatibility (care, maintenance, and management is cheaper than drugs, guys)
  • not using unethical palm-oil and being a major influence in its avoidance
  • ditto on using other sustainable ingredients. Ex. alternatives to petrochemicals–though there’s also good sense in using such derivative by-products–and alternatives to unsustainable and/or unethical phytochemicals, like oils from plants whose demand leads to monoculture, lack of biodiversity, animal habitat loss, soil erosion, and environmental damage (including negative effects on humans). 

I’ve often forgotten to put on lipstick in the morning. I’ve still got the same bunch as usual and tend to use them pretty randomly; I’ve mainly been using Lipstick Queen Jean Queen and Silk Naturals Raindrops on Roses when I remember to put some on during the working day. I never refresh lippie in the evening as going out in the evening always involves eating and drinking and often some close encounter-ing. Possibly TMO but might be a life-improving tip for anyone who’s ever put someone off, unthinkingly and unwittingly, with their lipstick. And scent, OMG don’t get me started. Anyway, I’ve never yet found a lipstick that didn’t come off through the proper enjoyment of the pleasures in life, except for a couple that I had to remove before said pleasures–in that case eating–went very far. Due to interference from taste, dryness, a coating texture, and general ickiness.

But, as ever, I digress.

Good things in life, let’s focus on the positive. 


Regular chocolate remains the same.

Other updates–seriously, nothing interesting for the intents and purposes of this blog and its readers. Been writing elsewhere and happy doing so. No offence intended to beauty blog folks: I just happen to write in more than one place, and (as you know already from this present blog) about more than one thing. I hope everyone keeps up the good happy writing and reading, commenting and sharing, discussion on and off line; on all sorts of things. Being lively interactive humans is good.

Peace out, be happy, spread both to others.


Lifestyle Brands

Product overload and avoiding / fighting being a product junkie

i shop therefore i am
There’s a great post, over on Science-y Hair Blog: about half of it follows here below. Screenshots, click on them, they’ll link you straight to the original blog. Everything that the wise “WS” says can be applied to any consumerist excess / addictive behaviour, of anything… yes, even chocolate… 

consumerism is (kill)in(g) us all

Screen shot 2011-06-10 at 5.03.41 PM

Consumption doesn’t have to be fatal…

Screen shot 2011-04-14 at 5.04.49 PM

… there is a cure!

sucking eggs

(not my wartime granny, but the honorary granny of anyone who’s ever read or seen any science fiction or fantasy, so that covers every imaginable war)

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.03.51 PM

(nor is she, though exemplary in happiness and Deep Inner Calm)

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 2.30.32 PM

(also not my granny: my role-model for being a happy wise witty older woman; also great hair)

Feminine and human solidarity: support one another against The Man manipulating us through marketeering and keeping us all down by making us think about products and focus on greed, lust, and envy: instead of using our marvellous minds to think about other, bigger, more important stuff.

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A generic think piece


I wear mascara all the time. Every day, all day. Often at night too. Have done for thirty years. 
Yes, this means that sometimes often I don’t take my mascara off at night. No, I haven’t died, gone blind, or destroyed my eyeballs. Even with waterproof mascara. And no, my eyelashes haven’t fallen out. They’re very healthy thank you, long and strong, plentiful though fine. I actually have to trim them, otherwise they get tangled up with the lenses on my glasses. Yes, for some people that is a problem. Don’t laugh, laughing at people is rude. Only non-people with no hearts and minds souls are mean like that.

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skin update 

Skin in a better state. Still constitutionally sensitive because that’s just how it is, but the extra horrors of most of the year seem to have abated. 


Moisturiser: back to ShiKai borage dry skin remedy hand cream. Yes, on face and neck and around the eyes. Morning and evening. It is marvellous. It has a smell, and many people hate it. That’s borage seed oil. It’s OK if you hate it, that’s perfectly normal and human. I don’t mind it–and it goes away fast–and the stuff works well on my skin. It doesn’t hurt it and it moisturises it. That’s all I want from a moisturiser, so I’m happy.

I woild rather use something in a larger tube (less use of plastic) and that’s cheaper and at least as ethical as whatever I was using before. This stuff ticks all the boxes compared to Avène Cicalfate


  • CoTZ sensitive / pediatric SPF 40. Good on all fronts: no irritation, does what it’s supposed to, OK ingredients, no animal testing, decent price.
  • Oil, mix of random quantities of meadowfoam and sunflower, mostly the latter: eye makeup remover, sunscreen remover and body moisturiser in shower, etc.
  • Balm, DIY, mix of shea butter + Badger unscented balm (olive oil + beeswax).
  • Primal Pit Paste deodorant, unscented regular strength.
  • Aloe vera gel, version with xanthan gum from Mountain Rose Herbs, as hair styling stuff


One thing could change.

La Roche-Posay Tolériane dermo-cleanser: very simple lotion cleanser. I have found nothing that is comparable (same or similar ingredients, similar formulation) in either the mainstream or “greener” brands, nor as easily obtainable (local drugstore) or cheap. 

If you have suggestions, please do drop me a line. I am open to alternatives but they must be serious alternatives. Not effing coconut oil or some trustafarian’s essential-oil-loaded concoction at several times the price. I would like to move away from LRP for reasons of ethical discomfort, but I do not want to test out lots of stuff (reasons: expense and waste) and I do need stuff that cleans my face without damaging it (reason: risk to skin a.k.a. to health). I’ve spent quite enough time in hospital this year. 

new stuff: shampoo and conditioner

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