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Cleanser reviews

Mascara: a perverse holy grail

Sunscreen updates: back to BurnOut

Sunscreen updates: future edition

Sunscreen update: May 2017


  • Badger Sport SPF 35
  • using up old supplies of CoTZ Sensitive SPF 40 for hands and other incidental exposure of body parts
  • The Man is using up has now used up old Replenix Sheer Spray SPF 50.

Shiny happy discovery: Badger Unscented SPF 30  Continue reading

Accidental new stuff, old-fashioned reactionary dullness, and a suprise


As we’ve ascertained in the previous two posts, I’ve not done anything very interesting about my skin in the last few years. Mostly it’s been a matter of trying not to actively do anything to it, or passively have happen to it, that landed me in the ER. Continue reading

Update: more time passes, still nothing interesting to report (plus summer updates to this update)

So I’ll just copy-paste my last update, from fall 2015, and amend as needed…
UPDATED 2017-07: summer updates are mostly replacing La Roche-Posay with more ethical alternatives (cruelty-free, vegan) and returning to some items used off and on years ago, or their descendants and new improved versions. Plus a new mascara.


Nothing “interesting-interesting” anyway.  Continue reading