Sunscreen updates: future edition

Sun protection could all be very different one day… 

BBC Tech news, 2017-04-21

Now, what if that Sunflower were to be attached to a drone? As a flying sunshade?

In the meantime, sunscreen testing continues.

Rapid report:

  • Avène light and ultra-light mineral SPF 50 (ZnO + TiO2): irritation + burned
  • Alba Botanica very emollient mineral SPF 30 (ZnO + TiO2): irritation + whiteheads on face by end of day; didn’t burn; spouse seems to like this one
  • CoTZ sensitive SPF 40 (ZnO): this is still the regular fallback that lives in the bag, but I’ve had dry flaky skin with it on the face + on Sunday I burned
  • Badger SPF 35 has been the main regular recently. I used up most of a tube of the 30, and am torn as to which I prefer. It seems to be infallible, re. burning.
  • Testing in progress: back to… Burnout! Not used since multiple reformulations a few years ago (2014 I think; wrote about on this present blog). The company has done some work on their sunscreens in between, so I thought it would be worth trying them out again. I’m testing three of their sunscreens against Badger 35. All are at least SPF 30 and ZnO.
    Quick results: not burned with any of the three; no allergic reactions or irritation; have been making notes on feel, finish, applicability, dry-down time, and other practicalities; haven’t yet tested all three on face, for super-sensitivity and dryness

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