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Sunscreen updates: back to BurnOut

sunscreen: BurnOut reformulations


With thanks to the good “J” for the Public Service Announcement!

My current sunscreen is BurnOut’s Eco-Sensitive. I’ve been using it off an on—usually “on,” straying occasionally to try out other things—since summer 2010:

This sunscreen has been tweaked at least four times in the last four years; I have used three different versions (let’s call them 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2), and the most recent “update” is in the mail (as it’s a full redesign, let’s call it 2.0). Remains to be seen if the “update” is an “upgrade.” It includes an interesting new sunscreen-boosting ingredient, but it also includes stuff that might or might not be a bunch of junk included so as to be fashionable. The Viagra Paradigm strikes again.

The rest of BurnOut’s main sunscreen range has also been reformulated: that is, the Ocean Tested (also in the mail, now on version ≥3 and formulation 2.0 since I first used it; “E” reports that this reformulation dates back to August 2013) and the Kids (tried a previous version, didn’t like, don’t care enough to test it out again too. There are limits to this human guinea-pig. Interested in the stuff? Got kids? Over to you…).

Prices remain the same, $17.99 for a tube; 3 oz for Eco-Sensitive, 3.4 oz for the others.

Quick comment, for the company: it’s definitely time for a change in design on the packaging. I mean, I’ve seen better by small children and other non-professionals. See the image above: naff, naff, naff. The font, the form, the format of that front of the tube. To crown it all, you should be aware, O dear and best-beloved people at Sun Research LLC, of the fact that “BurnOut,” especially in that dread handwriting font, looks really like you’re telling people to “bum out.” Whether it’s an instruction to sally forth and moon people, or to throw away jobs and money and become beach bums, it could lead to embarrassment all round and lawsuits. You’ve used the imperative for eff’s sake. Continue reading