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Product overload and avoiding / fighting being a product junkie

i shop therefore i am
There’s a great post, over on Science-y Hair Blog: about half of it follows here below. Screenshots, click on them, they’ll link you straight to the original blog. Everything that the wise “WS” says can be applied to any consumerist excess / addictive behaviour, of anything… yes, even chocolate…

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Re. yesterday’s post, here’s a prime example of misreading… or, as I think may have happened here, not reading at all. Certainly not thinking.

The result is #accidentalinappropriatejuxtapositionoftheweek

Think before you post.

Or am I wrong? Am I the one misreading and not thinking here? Are V******’s comments in fact duly and dutifully considered thoughts in response to the post below them on affluenza? Hmmm. That would be a lot more worrying…

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 2.30.38 PM

(Pseudonym of the other individual disguised, no links back to original source, assuring protection of the innocent / eejits, etc.)

More on “affluenza” doubtless over the next few days, in the news; it’s already being used as a joke (a defence for silly ridiculous things; -fluenza base for constructing other syndromes), and may attain status to other internet-driven memes / human caricatures and new stock comedy figures with social, political, and ethical impact: e. gg. tiger mom, bridezilla. Interesting times.


“enjoy responsibly”

  • New addition to trollwatch: “eleoptene”
  • And something between a playful LULZing troll and a crusading anti-troll: “recurringtrollouter”
  • Images don’t link anywhere: those familiar with the source-site will recognize it; others probably won’t. All pseudonyms have been censored, except my own and those of trolls

Some material of interest for anyone out there being trolled / bullied online: have a look at the bully-trolls’ strategies, especially their perverse use of terms like “bully” against the very people they themselves are attacking. No, that’s not “irony”: it’s malicious, destructive nastiness.

Look also at what trolls accuse others of, and how:

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product minimalism

Victory: removed another item from the bathroom.


I now have something in common with Brad Pitt.

Currently using shampoo (Earth Science fragrance-free) as face wash, body wash, shampoo. Could also be used for side-of-sink hand-wash, menstrual cup cleaner, hand-washing detergent, etc. On the other hand, I’ve got a lot of the current stuff to use up (Everyday Shea unscented moisturising body wash + Curelle Hydra shampoo mix), and it’s cheaper. So I might still be a two-soap person, but using one on my whole entire person.

No deodorant, though? Nope. Sorry. Have to deal with other human beings in work. This means not being smelly: no bodily odour, including no additions like perfume. I’m not sure if my compromise, the deodowich, counts as environmentally-friendly enough to meet the Pitt approval. I am sure, though, that there are better compromises than the concoction it’s claimed Mr Pitt is using. So: dear Mr Pitt, if you’re interested, drop me a line: I’m happy to share the knowledge. Or indeed my own deodorant. Or anything else…


the lovely Brad, back in the day: a portent of the future soap-free pits

review: shea butter

praise de lard


A rich heavy dense moisturiser. At room temperature, somewhere between stiffly-whipped cream, wax, and solid. Melts at human body temperature. To use, scoop out a small quantity and melt, using human body parts. My own preference is for using two fingertips, but let your imagination run riot, alongside that of significant other(s); NB, like all oily things, don’t mix with latex things like condoms.

Depending on variety, smells slightly nutty.

Once melted, can be patted and pressed into skin (ex. lips, eye area) or smoothed around larger expanses (ex. limbs).

Moisturises. Can, depending on various other factors, be a good and soothing thing on certain skin conditions that involve skin desiccation and rawness. Good for moisture retention. May have added benefits, at least on the antioxidant level, c/o the vitamin content. May offer some slight SPF, but not enough to be any use to those of us of the gingery flammable persuasion.

For more on attributes and benefits, see for a good start:


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suffering fools gladly