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Spam of the fortnight

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lady spamalot

Continuing on from the return of the lady of shalott, another example of a common online issue and a suggestion on what to do with it. Public service information service:

1. ANTOINETTE (neither her real name nor an online pseudonym) posts constantly on a certain issue on a certain public discussion board. “Board flooding.” Asks the same questions over and over again. JOCASTA is a regular on that same board. S/he also receives many messages off-board (this website has a “private message / mail” area too), being a knowledgeable and helpful person. She has had much correspondence in the past (usually about that same issue) with ANTOINETTE, as well as interacting with her on that board. ANTOINETTE asks the same question on that same discussion board yet again. JOCASTA calls her out on it that discussion board. ANTOINETTE then sends her many off-board private messages. Each one a paragraph long. For hours and hours and hours. All day. Meanwhile, JOCASTA is at work.


What to do next?

As JOCASTA puts it,

Can a 50 year old woman really be that dumb? I mean REALLY??

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spam of the week

spam of the week

spam of the week

ffs (now with shiny fresh update)

dear goodness

spam of the week

spam of the week

It’s only Tuesday, but there have already been some beauties:


The images that currently attract the most spam—

Poppy fabric: Marimekko, 1964

Poppy fabric: Marimekko, 1964

—from troll-spotting (3): rules of the game (September 2011), part of a series on trolls and trolling: more on which subject tomorrow… and then there’s this one—


—from troll-spotting (4): portrait of the troll as a young bitch (September 2011), the last in that aforementioned series; and featured in this spam of the week post of a couple of weeks ago. As this week’s “spam of the week” shows, the “spam of the week” posts attract a fascinating array of meta-spam; of which this post would be para-meta-spam I guess. Fascinating. Count me fascinated.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 3.26.56 PM

note conspicuous absence of fascinators made out of, or incorporating, spam: spammers, go forth and be creative, here’s a gift of a golden idea on how to be fascinating!