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2018 updates (updated in July)

Surprise: this blog is not dead, it was just hibernating. I won’t be updating it much, but will try to remember to post updates like this at leat once a year. No news is good news: with an goal of moving to dormancy and slipping into silence when morosophy is obsolete. Or the anthropocene ends us all. Whichever comes first.

On which happy note, welcome back!

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Really seriously nothing to report

new stuff: shampoo and conditioner

summer updates

magic oil

I was away. This involved not carrying too much stuff. Unfortunately, until the FAA and suchlike get rid of that absurd 3-1-1 max 3 oz / 100 ml rule, I am obliged to check in one bag when flying, so as to have adequate sunscreen supplies. Until the kind of sunscreen I can use on my skin is available more widely, I am stuck with carrying around my own supplies. (Next time you see someone with a more visible disability than my relatively trivial one, spare them a thought.) Given that I live half-way around the world from the various places I was going, and given that I didn’t have the time to go by slow boat or foot: I was obliged to fly. Yes, I made my carbon-offsetting donations (and percentage-of-ticket-price donation to trees), like a good person.

Here are the lucky beautification products that accompanied me on my jet-setting adventures.

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new irritants

bah humbug
Exciting news! And we all know that you can never have too much excitement. Except when it comes to skin. And that ancient curse, “may you live in interesting times.” So … exciting news about over-excitement: good news because it’s news and, well, new; bad news if you’re my skin.

Adding these to the list:

  • decyl glucoside (aka decyl polyglucose)
  • cetearyl alcohol: though OK in low-contact wash-off stuff like bar cleansers
  • cetearth-20
    (often combined with cetearyl alcohol as emulsifying wax; and ditto)

How they were discovered:

  • my scalp got bumpy and itchy and, eventually, that itching turned hurty 😦
  • and, by a happy coincidence, it was time for my regular allergen check-up

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product minimalism

Victory: removed another item from the bathroom.


I now have something in common with Brad Pitt.

Currently using shampoo (Earth Science fragrance-free) as face wash, body wash, shampoo. Could also be used for side-of-sink hand-wash, menstrual cup cleaner, hand-washing detergent, etc. On the other hand, I’ve got a lot of the current stuff to use up (Everyday Shea unscented moisturising body wash + Curelle Hydra shampoo mix), and it’s cheaper. So I might still be a two-soap person, but using one on my whole entire person.

No deodorant, though? Nope. Sorry. Have to deal with other human beings in work. This means not being smelly: no bodily odour, including no additions like perfume. I’m not sure if my compromise, the deodowich, counts as environmentally-friendly enough to meet the Pitt approval. I am sure, though, that there are better compromises than the concoction it’s claimed Mr Pitt is using. So: dear Mr Pitt, if you’re interested, drop me a line: I’m happy to share the knowledge. Or indeed my own deodorant. Or anything else…


the lovely Brad, back in the day: a portent of the future soap-free pits

review: Ballyhoo Bath hair stuff

reviews: some experimental failures

OK, a first one would of course be the Viagra Paradigm. Today is the 1st of May. A good day on which to reflect on alternatives, and maybe do more than sit around doing so at home in an armchair. If it’s a nice sunny day, why not go and do something actively and proactively about it? Might involve some singing too, and that’s very good for you.

may day

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review: Curelle hair stuff

curelle riche conditionerThe promised six-week trial is over. Time for the verdict. Herewith the review just posted up on MakeupAlley:


  • Overall rating ( 1 = worst, 5 = best ): 5 
  • Price ( 1 = dirt cheap, 5 = expensive ): 2
  • Packaging Quality ( 1 = worst, 5 = best ): 4
    [I’d have given a 5 for a pump and for less toxicity on the back label: keep it simple, stick to strengths and positive qualities, of which there are many!!!]
  • Would you buy this products again?: YES

Probably the best unscented conditioner I’ve used; and indeed one of the best, scented or not.  Continue reading

“Bah humbug” to New Year’s resolutions

Yes, so much for the fancy-pants complication of my life by moving from ONE to TWO multi-purpose oils. It’s just way too complicated for me, my bathroom, my clumsiness first thing in the morning, and my myopia.

Back to basics, tried and trusted, that work: ONE OIL TO RULE THEM ALL and in the darkness bind them. In a good way, Continue reading