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2018 updates (updated in July)

Surprise: this blog is not dead, it was just hibernating. I won’t be updating it much, but will try to remember to post updates like this at leat once a year. No news is good news: with an goal of moving to dormancy and slipping into silence when morosophy is obsolete. Or the anthropocene ends us all. Whichever comes first.

On which happy note, welcome back!

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Mascara: a perverse holy grail

Accidental new stuff, old-fashioned reactionary dullness, and a suprise


As we’ve ascertained in the previous two posts, I’ve not done anything very interesting about my skin in the last few years. Mostly it’s been a matter of trying not to actively do anything to it, or passively have happen to it, that landed me in the ER. Continue reading

travel updates

a couple of mascara reviews

Screenshots because I’m lazy and need to go get lunch otherwise I will die or worse. What’s worse than dying? Going zombie and eating other people’s brains in desperation and despair, that sort of thing.

Current mascaras:

  • Clinique Lash Power because it is great in allergy season
  • Clinique Naturally Glossy with Marcelle waterproofing topcoat: nice but not as fast as Lash Power and I’m lazy and appreciate opportunities for extra sleep. When it comes to sleep and facing the horrors of the morning, every second counts.
  • HerbanLuxe waterproof vegan mascara: nice, but the brush isn’t as fabulous as the Lash Power one, so I get bits of mascara around my eyes, and I Gotta Work It Work It to remove them and that’s normally fine and dandy but it’s not cool right now because it’s allergy season and that skin around my eyes is being even more sensitive and feckin precious than usual. In other words, it takes time and it hurts. Please note that this is NOT the mascara’s fault. It is all to do with mascara-application technique and idiosyncratic weird requirement for mascara to go right down to the roots and cover every single lash, because my physical exterior is ginger but my True Inner Self has dark lashes

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reviews / rapid updates: sunscreen and eye concealer

some lipstick and moisturiser and horror

Later this week: mascara. There will be waterproof mascara, of three sorts. Over the course of rather a long post, you’ll also be able to watch me stumble clumsily through a decision-making process. All this will be accompanied by at least one song, of dubious appropriateness. It’ll be fun!

Meanwhile, here are three experimental failures and a success.


I’m ethically OK with using BH: formulated before my own FCOD (03-2012). It’s an amazing perfect colour on me: it is my very definition of My Lips But Better. Other pluses: No scent. No irritation. Doesn’t dry my lips out.

But it doesn’t last.

Various indie brands have near-misses, usually too orange-brown or going that way (oxidation) before the end of the day, because of restricting their colouring agents to iron oxides. Or too fuchsia-pink. Lavera had one that was close, about ten years ago, but it was irritating (mint, for starters). That’s the other issue: this “green” overuse of essential oils in every damn thing. Continue reading

reviews for some pampering products

I’ve been using and liking some fluffy vain unnecessary stuff recently. Yes, ’tis Folly, and I’m somewhere between ashamed, making excuses, and just enjoying the damn stuff. The whole green movement can be irritatingly “holier than thou”: too much sanctimonious do-gooding, a surfeit of self-sacrifice and suffering (especially if you get to show off about it and berate others for their faults and foibles); a worrying preoccupation with purity, often of the selfish “my body is a temple” variety; and a desire for perfection, both absurd in its impossibility and lack of contact with the real world, and absurd if that’s what “desire” has sadly been reduced to. Grim and gloomy and all rather unhappy and unfriendly. Damn it, the world is shitty enough as it is, we all need more enjoyment, joy, and pleasure from time to time.

So here’s some frivolous foolish fun stuff that’s vain, self-centred, pleasurable, and also Good: no animal testing, small independent companies, good ethics on ingredient-sourcing and labour (as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong), sustainable plant-based biodegradable ingredients, recyclable packaging (which can also be reused for repotting and decanting other things, DIY products, travel sizes, etc.). Most of the items below are from the small-ish online independent, Garden of Wisdom. I’ll also indicate the veganism, or not, of ingredients in the products at hand.

The products:

  • Garden of Wisdom oat enriched facial serum
    + Aubrey Organics aloe vera + Garden of Wisdom witch-hazel hydrosol
  • Garden of Wisdom Majik eye cream with CoQ10
  • ShiKai Borage Dry Skin Remedy Hand Cream
  • 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
  • Garden of Wisdom Pack your Bags and Say GOOD BYE… Eye Gel

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.53.50 PM
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