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Sunscreen updates: future edition


I wear mascara all the time. Every day, all day. Often at night too. Have done for thirty years. 
Yes, this means that sometimes often I don’t take my mascara off at night. No, I haven’t died, gone blind, or destroyed my eyeballs. Even with waterproof mascara. And no, my eyelashes haven’t fallen out. They’re very healthy thank you, long and strong, plentiful though fine. I actually have to trim them, otherwise they get tangled up with the lenses on my glasses. Yes, for some people that is a problem. Don’t laugh, laughing at people is rude. Only non-people with no hearts and minds souls are mean like that.

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ginger pride

Redheads stage Ginger Pride march at Edinburgh Fringe
BBC News

Ginger Pride Walk – in pictures: All Hail! The red, orange and pale!
Redheads take to the streets of Edinburgh to stand up to prejudice against people with ginger hair”
The Guardian

Last but not least:

ginger pride

feat. more photos. Front-page news. But the article is in the Sport section: is gingerism categorized as a bloodsport?

The mind boggles.

Ending on a note of hope: the future is bright, and the future is orange:

ginger pride

reviews: concealer


Once upon a very long time ago, I had a favourite concealer.

It was discontinued.

I had another.

It, too, was “disappeared” by its makers. Like any other omnipotent deity or creative power: complete control over one’s creation, including its destruction. What can us poor humble mortals do? Continue reading

lipsticks updated

chocolate + lippie = Mr Wonka’s everyday YLBB

  • current everyday lipstick: SILK NATURALS BIRTHDAY SUIT ♥ ♥ ♥
    2-second swipe, could apply it without a mirror or indeed in the dark, foolproof and failsafe, YLBB in that all it does is enhance what’s already there and make you look tidied-up and well-groomed (somewhere between “a bit of spit and polish” and “polished”). Here’s what SN have to say about it:“the ultimate nude lippie […] the result of endless test batches. It’s not too yellow, not too pink, not too purple, not too brown- it’s just right. It took me almost 6 months to develop and test this color- I had to invent a new way of blending pigments to make it, but it was worth it. If you want to try one of our lip glosses this is probably the one to start with. It’s honestly looks good on every woman I’ve tried it on. Warm, cool, pale, dark- it just works.”

All true. (How rare is that in publicity spiels?) And yes, it’s magic. Here’s why: Continue reading

winter skin: update to the update

pink + spackle = ?

redheads strike again in sneaky quickie!

more sad ginger news

sad ginger news