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I was away. This involved not carrying too much stuff. Unfortunately, until the FAA and suchlike get rid of that absurd 3-1-1 max 3 oz / 100 ml rule, I am obliged to check in one bag when flying, so as to have adequate sunscreen supplies. Until the kind of sunscreen I can use on my skin is available more widely, I am stuck with carrying around my own supplies. (Next time you see someone with a more visible disability than my relatively trivial one, spare them a thought.) Given that I live half-way around the world from the various places I was going, and given that I didn’t have the time to go by slow boat or foot: I was obliged to fly. Yes, I made my carbon-offsetting donations (and percentage-of-ticket-price donation to trees), like a good person.

Here are the lucky beautification products that accompanied me on my jet-setting adventures.

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review: Primal Pit Paste deodorant

DIY deodorant

Three classic base recipes, tested out by “Review: Three Homemade Deodorant Recioes”, GNOWFGLINS: Raise, save and prep God’s natural, organic, whole foods, grown locally, in season (2013-08)

Another sorta-meta-approach: “All Roads Lead To The Pits: Homemade Deodorant”, Crunchy Betty (2010-09)

Sources for the first and simplest classic recipe, which may be found all over the interverse, and looks like the basis to many a deodorant sold by Etsy people, people on market-stalls, other indie etailers, etc.:

This is the most basic recipe: coconut oil, baking soda / bicarbonate of soda, arrowroot or cornstarch powder (and optional useful bactericidal fungicidal essential oil, e.g. tea tree).

The blog is one that’s full of sensible stuff; I am an avowed atheist but happy to reference, link, and support blogs of a religious persuasion if (as here) they also encourage being a good person and support old-fashioned practical stuff, common sense, and generally say and do the kinds of things my granny would have done.

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Chagrin Valley deodorant & packaging updates

Not really “news” as such, seeing as how it’s not new. Chagrin Valley used to make a very fine unscented deodorant cream. It was very fine as its main ingredients were useful stuff like coconut oil, baking soda, and a starch; and as it didn’t contain scent. Unlike the million and one other coconut-and-baking-soda deodorant creams on the market. Here’s what it used to look like:

chagrin valley coconut deodorant

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“Bah humbug” to New Year’s resolutions

Yes, so much for the fancy-pants complication of my life by moving from ONE to TWO multi-purpose oils. It’s just way too complicated for me, my bathroom, my clumsiness first thing in the morning, and my myopia.

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to my MakeupAlley notepad: which is now updatable without crashing. Albeit, as is all too often the case, if you’re not using a Windows OS you can’t avail yourself of wysiwyg editors and you’re back with old-fashioned hand-scripting. Oh well. Does the job.

Revamped notepad now reflects what’s on here. Most of it shouldn’t need updating for a while. But–golly gosh–I first put together that MUA notepad five (yes, 5) years ago. My MUA-birthday was on the 24th; I admit to having lurked for 2004-07 on another account (which I deleted when I “went active”), with which all I did was read reviews and board discussion, as a passive MUAer. But five years is an eternity in internet terms. Even more chilling, for anyone scared of aging: I built my first website and made my first Wikipedia edits ten years ago, first blogging shortly after, and first online chat (gulp) twenty years ago.

Makes you think. Encroaching old age. Senescence and senility, or wisdom and venerability? Me, I’m looking forward to Second Childhood. And to all my colouring changing, which will mean being able to wear all sorts of ginger-inappropriate things with impunity:


When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
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