credo & caveats


Being a hippy-dippy sentimental sensitive type, Ginger O’Rama only uses and buys cruelty-free, ideally also ticking as many other ethical boxes as possible too:

  • responsibly-produced and -sourced ingredients
  • sustainable and biodiversity-supporting agriculture
  • sound and low-impact manufacturing practices
  • Fair Trade, fair labour practices, and respect for human rights
  • properly (scientifically) researched, and tested on humans especially those with assorted varieties of sensitive skin
  • sensitive-skin-friendly
  • “clean and clear” in the sense of freedom from marketing, advertising, and sales BS
  • showing due care and attention to customers and their intelligence
  • honest: not manipulating or spreading ignorance, pandering to fashion and its follies, fear-mongering, or contributing to urban myth
  • minimal packaging, and minimalist design (I’ve got a mild version of the Cayce Pollard allergy)
  • recyclable containers and packaging, recycled too where possible
  • fair prices: again, not cynically abusing consumers

She is also a vegetarian–including on beauty products, as far as humanly possible (which is pretty far these days)–but not a vegan as she can’t live without cheese. What with being a sceptic, pro-science, pro-reason, anti-bunkum (all perfectly compatible with being a greeny, by the bye) she doesn’t believe in many things; but she does believe this: life without cheese is not worth living. And of course chocolate. Other things too; come to think of it, the list of things fundamental to survival happy and fulfilled existence is quite a long one, and includes quite a lot of food and drink. Some of that features on sensitive skin: a user’s manual.

She is also an out-and-proud geek; though on off-days, in more irritable moments, and when chocolate-deprived she may be reduced to nerdiness.

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1. I am a private individual and an AMATEUR on the beauty front. Anything you see here is some combination of personal opinion, personal experience, imported facts, common sense, and rational argument.

It carries no advertising; and, even less lucratively, I paid out of my own pocket for that privilege. Other than that one expense, it’s being run in my leisure time, for free. I have a day job doing something else quite different, and have no interest in making this a professional, business, and otherwise financially-beneficial enterprise.

3. Products used and discussed have been bought by me or given to me by a friend or family member (or, heavens, sometimes a colleague), or were a gift with purchase, or were nicked borrowed. None have been given to me by companies. Or sent to me to review. Nor have I been paid to review any of them, be that in kind (gifts of product to review, other gifts, vouchers) or in filthy lucre. [“Alas,” she adds.]
But all have been tested out. It will be clear from reviews whether something has just been swiped first, or patch-tested, or test-driven for a short spin, or tested out fully over at least a 6-8 week period.

4. As I am not young, and have lived with/in this skin for some time, it is vaguely possible that I might have acquired some wisdom, and that might be useful to pass on to others; ditto the benefits of brain, education, research, experimenting on myself, curiosity, and obsessive sleuthing. But that’s as far as it goes.

5. Any information here is highly unlikely to be universally applicable, and not intended as a universal panacea. Not only do I have no elixirs of eternal youth and perfect beauty, but I don’t believe they exist.

6. Intended for guidance only. If you want advice, and someone to blame, go and see a professional (not an amateur like me). By “professional,” I mean a doctor of medicine. A dermatologist (i.e a medical doctor with a later specialization in dermatology). A naturopath or other alternative therapist, who has (also) had similar medical training. Eventually also biochemists, on the cosmetic side. You get the gist: (a) professionals, (b) medical, (c) in an ideal world, also with further scientific training.

7. This site is NOT intended as a substitute for seeing an actual proper professional (see 6. above), or for consulting them for advice.

8. If you’re not sure, if in doubt, and/or if Things are Serious: go ask an expert (see 6. above) first–especially if you have sensitive skin, of whatever sort of sensitivity.

9. Ginger O’Rama and her alter ego IRL claim no responsibility for any disasters, calamities, skin eruptions, breakouts, outbreaks, contagion, pestilence, or other negative results caused by or otherwise relatable to stuff on this here present site. Including effects on your skin and elsewhere on your person (not just the actual End of the World proper).

10. If anything on here helps you, that’s fantastic, and I’m happy for you. Be good and promise to pass on the good news and any tips that work to other people (but with all these caveats attached…): share and share alike.
On which happy note: do, please do, share and share alike. Join the happy nurturing supportive virtual hive-mind, and the anarchist knowledge-collective. “Knowledge is power,” yes indeed: but that needn’t mean all those silly power-games, jostling for position, bitching and back-stabbing, in short the “power” of politics: there are other, better, more interesting and productive and fulfilling forms of empowerment out there. Which is also a good answer to anyone who sniffs dismissively at an interest in beautification. And a third reason for this blog’s subtitle. The other reasons are in about (2).
(But don’t share germs, eye makeup, beauty tools… well, the latter two might be OK if disinfected first.)

To quote a fellow-redhead, Meta-meta-medieval:

Property is theft, but a proprietorial-authoritarian system can be defeated by an anarcho-collectivism based on sharing, so that movement can be made towards a harmonious new world order that features  individual freedom and social justice. If you are reading [this site] and participating (be that passively or actively) in virtual life you are an integral member of the Web 2.0-4.0 revolutionary network and a signatory to its social contract. If you steal from it, you make that stolen good yours: theft is property.

While one of the principal revolutionary arms/tools is subversion, the same is true of the counter-revolution: a thief commits a counter-revolutionary act supporting, perpetuating, and strengthening The Man. In thus betraying The Cause, a thief is also a traitor and, through their crime against society, an outlaw deserving of the traditional civil death.


Ginger. Green. But not a troll–an OGRE. Completely different: and much, much worse.

Trolls lurk under bridges waiting to pounce on unsuspecting prey. They hate humans, especially nice ones, and their main purpose and joy in life is to destroy them. But they’re lazy. And stupid.

Ogres–proper old-fashioned ones, none of this piddly 20th-c. kiddie nonsense–are smart, and enjoy hunting and eating trolls. They’re much more dangerous. To trolls, anyway. Ginger green ogre princesses have no respect and zero tolerance for princessy-princesses, board queens, and other snotty uppity bitches.

They’re cool with other humans, though, so long as the humans are nice.