Some amusement

MakeupAlley is marvellous and much loved, and the same goes for many an individual MUAer. It can sometimes also be amusing. Just reading Cafe, as serialised fiction, is tremendous fun. But this post is not about MUA.


I just discovered something hilarious, via a circuitous route. Work-related, on sub/meta/para- stuff and how discussions and satire work. This is part of work-work on satire, sincerity, and the limits of both. Where the borders lie; what makes this kind of work fun is that the borders are grey, fuzzy, and move around and change in density and thickness and pinginess constantly. I don’t usually talk about work on here–this is one of my spaces for freedom from work–but my day-job involves some fun geeking out.

Anyway. I digress. (Work involves a fair amount of that, yes actually working on digression, too. I love my work!). I feel like a right numptie for discovering this joy so late. 

Welcome to

Share the joy. 


Then there’s this, which I was hoping was going to be a next higher level of parody and pastiche:

Sadly disappointing. 

Then there’s, which I think has some future tongue-in-(butt-)cheek potential: 


Back to the image at the top, in its fuller context. This is why we need satire. And any and all comment, not to mention better journalists with better reading and research skills… 


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