LOL of the day


This, also available as a t-shirt and in a number of other languages – source:


For further hilarious delights, see:

  • – “godless comish git”
  • his “satirical skeptical blog, ‘Science, Reason & Critical Thinking’ “ whence images above and an excerpt below, to whet your appetites. Images are linked to their original sources as per usual and good practice. That is, as it would be contextually-appropriate to spell these things out (and as they’re so often done in a piss-poor fashion, or just plain pissed on, in too many opinion-blogs): proper citation–scientific and otherwise scholarly and otherwise–plus intellectual rights, respect for others and their work, and basic courtesy. It is a vital way to express solidary and engagement, so as to build and maintain intelligent community; that is, the living breathing world of ideas. Vive la république virtuelle des lettres ! 


Moral of the day: NO to laughter yoga. YES to true laughter: of the real sort, from satire and other comedy, that proves you are a sentient intelligent life-form (including but in no means tyrannically restricted to “human” and “alive”).

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