lippie and what else is on the face a.k.a. The Routine (much as I loathe the word and idea)

Routine, schmoutine. Routine, rootin’-tootin’, poutine, pah! Now we’re talking.

routine? give me poutine
The skin on my face is still not exactly normal, but we’re managing to co-exist. I think my face is calming down and getting better, slowly slowly. My forehead is OK, nose, most of my cheeks. Chin and jaw-line are still a but itchy and iffy, and usually the area between just under my cheek-bones and the wings of my nose will get grumpy and spotify later in the evening. It’s OK now (nearly 8 p.m.), yesterday it did its daily reminder around 10 p.m., last week it was around when I was coming home from work (so, between 7 and 8:30 p.m.). At the beginning of last week, the itchy rashy spottiness was further up my face, on my cheeks and temples, with some red dots on my forehead the weekend before. So it’s diminishing and coming down my face. All very fascinating to watch.

Current stuff and what I do with it:


  1. wash with warmish water + cotton or bamboo flannel round (a reusable make-up removal pad, basically; a fresh one every time) + La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet cream-gel washlrp lipikar syndet
  2. dry face
  3. EXCITING NEW RETURN TO NORMALITY: Garden of Wisdom Natural Majik Green Tea Hydragel serum, including around the eyes. Feels lovely and soothing. This is my cheap near-dupe (minus the resveratrol) for Replenix Power of Three serum, also via Cynthia Bailey (a tolerably sensible sort, it seems, as they go–“they,” that is, derms with businesses to run, grey-area borderline cult-gurus, and fear-mongering preying quacks)

    garden of wisdom natural majik green tea hydragel

  4. moisturise face, everywhere except under-eyes: La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baumelrp cicaplast baume
  5. lips: L’Occitane shea butter because it’s Fair Trade and refined, though not using hexanes; my skin gets irritated by the much-touted Magic Great Stuff in raw unrefined shea butter; also in a big 150 ml tin that works out at 1/4 of the price by volume; rec. getting the 10 ml tin if trying for the first time, though. (NOW Foods also have two refined shea butters, one of which is organic, but neither is Fair Trade. There are a number of Fair Trade (usually also organic, for whatever that’s worth) raw unrefined shea butters on the market, more expnsive than NOW but cheaper than L’Occ.)l'occitane shea butter small tin
  6. sunscreen: EltaMD UV Pure Broad-Spectrum  SPF 47elta md spf 47


  1. Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Mahogany Brown + water + old mini brush from a Clinique cream eyelinerlaura mercier cake eyeliner
  2. Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara in black; this is a tubing mascara with an amazing little brushbobbi brown tubing mascara
  3. Silk Naturals HD Cream Concealer #2: eyelid, undereye next to nose. I bought a full stick of this (12 g) over a year ago and probably have another 2 years of it left… so will have to remember to throw it out before it expires. Not that there’s much to expire in the formula. But still: bacterial and fungal infections are neither fun nor naturals hd concealer
  4. Silk Naturals HD Cool Cream Foundation in #C(ool)10: brow-bone, right under eyebrow; I also use this as foundation occasionally (though not at the moment nor for a while, becauase of the skin situation). I bought a 2g “sample” pod of this, it works out cheaper than the full 12g stick ($1 vs $12) and I don’t use it much. That pod’s maybe 1/6 used, bought in November, so plenty life left in it naturals cool hd cream foundation
  5. Silk Naturals Kisser Slicker – Raindrops on Roses: I went back to this recently, wanting something more pink and less red or berry-plummy, given the crazy pink red blotchy rashy spottiness of my face especially around my mouth. So that was out with Clinique Black Honey, Silk Naturals Nectar, their redder Strawberry Fields and Bitten, and Lipstick Queen Medieval. And in with the happy rosy MLBB pinks:silk naturals raindrops on roses

    or Lipstick Queen Jean Queen: I got this for myself as a special treat, because damn I felt like some retail therapy and damn this stuff is fine. Soft, sheer, moisturising, balmy. Slightly more peach and lighter-weight (if that’s imaginable) that SNROR, less long-lasting, still leaves some roseate glow for a while though. I’d buy it again in a jiffy, but ROR is the one that’s in my bag, in a drawer at work, and that I’ll keep rebuying (indeed, have done for some time) as a Ready Regular Reliant.

    lipstick queen jean queen

    There’s a continuation about these lipsticks in the next post, lippie today (2).


  1. remove makeup using a cotton or bamboo flannel round + warm water (for tubing mascara) + meadowfoam seed oil.
    Currently: from Lotioncrafter.
    I get the 2 lb version, arrives in a large inelegant plastic (recyclable) bottle, which lives under the sink. I decant what I need into a smaller flip-top bottle that lives in the shower (as I also use multi-purpose oil for 2-in-1 body cleaning and moisturising, and for shaving)
  2. wash face with warmish water + cotton or bamboo flannel round + La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet cream-gel wash
  3. dry face
  4. moisturise, everywhere except under-eyes: La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume
  5. lips: L’Occitane shea butterl'occitane shea


  • body wash: same as face
  • body moisturiser: meadowfoam seed oil
  • shaving stuff: meadowfoam seed oil
  • shampoo: Cliniderm; this is the same as Free & Clear, made by PSIco (same set as Vanicream) and repackaged and sold by Sanofi under the Cliniderm label on the Canadian market
  • conditioner: Cliniderm; same comment applies, identical to Free & Clear
  • hair styling: Mountain Rose Herbs aloe vera gel; that specific one as it also contains xanthan gum (great for hold and some volume) and citric acid and potassium sorbate (preservative, essential in a water-based product; bonus, none of the ones my skin reacts to). I buy a large bottle, keep it in the fridge, and decant from it into a 50 ml bottle (an old dark plastic one from a Garden of Wisdom serum; I reuse bottles, boil + rubbing alcohol to sterilise) that lives in the bathroom, in the cool dark cupboard under the sink. Aubrey aloe vera is similar, but more expensive and less good on preservatives (and needs to be refrigerated).
  • deodorant, scent, etc.: Primal Pit Paste unscented deodorant, regular strength. Also available in light or strong, in various scents, as a stick, in a no-bicarb “happy sensitive pits” version, and in trial sizes.
  • hand wash: same as face & body, or Everyday Shea moisturising body wash (unscented); Fair Trade
  • hand cream: same as face, or La Roche-Posay Lipikar AP+ baume. I got a sample from the doctor–intended for face–then a generous travel-size sample came free with Lipikar syndet cleanser, then as I liked it I reckoned what the heck and got the big 400 ml pump bottle. Sucker for good marketing, me. Or: now that’s what I call good marketing and sales tactics.
  • sunscreen for hands and any exposed body parts: same as face
la belle patate c/o Miss Vancouver Piggy @ Urbanspoon

La Belle Patate, 1215 Davie St., Vancouver; c/o Miss Vancouver Piggy @ Urbanspoon


    • gingerama

      Glad to be of service! Hope you don’t (ever) need these kinds of products for skin catastrophes; but also, if you’d not met them yet, may the Silk Naturals lipsticks bring you much happiness. Loads of other stuff there too, and the infinitely-individual powder foundations and about a bazillion dupes of other people’s eyeshadows and blushes in a kaleidoscope of heavenly colours. But the lipsticks, golly gosh, the lipsticks are to die for.

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