a couple of mascara reviews

Screenshots because I’m lazy and need to go get lunch otherwise I will die or worse. What’s worse than dying? Going zombie and eating other people’s brains in desperation and despair, that sort of thing.

Current mascaras:

  • Clinique Lash Power because it is great in allergy season
  • Clinique Naturally Glossy with Marcelle waterproofing topcoat: nice but not as fast as Lash Power and I’m lazy and appreciate opportunities for extra sleep. When it comes to sleep and facing the horrors of the morning, every second counts.
  • HerbanLuxe waterproof vegan mascara: nice, but the brush isn’t as fabulous as the Lash Power one, so I get bits of mascara around my eyes, and I Gotta Work It Work It to remove them and that’s normally fine and dandy but it’s not cool right now because it’s allergy season and that skin around my eyes is being even more sensitive and feckin precious than usual. In other words, it takes time and it hurts. Please note that this is NOT the mascara’s fault. It is all to do with mascara-application technique and idiosyncratic weird requirement for mascara to go right down to the roots and cover every single lash, because my physical exterior is ginger but my True Inner Self has dark lashes

And now for some actual reviews.

A recent Epic Fail, on which I will doubtless expound at great and tedious length at some point:

  • Estee Lauder Little Black Primer. It was a freeby. It was shit. The end.

Two recent reviews I posted up on MakeupAlley, with apologies in advance for typos: 

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