Another rapid update, shorter than yesterday’s.

It is now after Hallowe’en and the end of DST, and at the point midway between equinox and solstice. Modern seasonal distinctions between “fall” and “winter” don’t quite map onto actual (and older) seasonal distinctions; it’s the first of four (or more) Colder Phases.

There is still light outside, just about. And UVA continues all year. So: sunscreen is still necessary.

But it’s also colder, and even though where I live is damp (Pacific Northwest), skin is feeling drier. My precious sunscreen (Derma E SPF 30) was getting to be dry, even applied over moisturiser. So: back to Vanicream, the SPF 50 one.

That is all. Look after your skins, lovely people; you only get one skin, and skin cancer is no fun.

No, that’s not all. Colder Phase One is distinguished from the previous Phase by progressive changes in things other than weather (and distance from the sun). The world may be going into hibernation, that may feel like it’s dying, and you may feel like you’re dying too–flu, SAD, general grottiness–or like you’re the Walking Dead surrounded by zombies, but there is some compensation: this Phase’s colours are marvellous.

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