product and ingredient updates

Golly, it’s been a whole month since I last posted on here. Deary dreary me. There have been reasons, of course: work and writing elsewhere about other things. I’ve also neglected MUA, again for Reasons:

1. Didn’t have anything to contribute, on topics or issues outside my knowledge or anything remotely resembling competence. Ex. teens and twenty-somethings with back-to-school/uni skin blues.

2. Didn’t feel like doing or saying anything beyond a good eye-roll in response to the inane, vapid, small-minded, selfish, and terminally stupid. Nothing I could have said would have had any effect, except maybe making someone feel worse about themselves without the redemption of seeing what they could do to make that (and themselves) better. Which would be pointlessly mean, and as bad as the original folly.

Life and Evolution will sort things out anyway. Nature vs. Folly: Nature wins.

Plus there’s that thing about casting stones when not without sin oneself. And it doesn’t matter: none of these things matter, it’s just an online forum, this is just a blog, there are more important things going on in the real world, which might also kill us all and make online follies doubly foolish and vapid, extinct and expunged from all records. I mean, crap, can you imagine if there were to be a great cataclysm (or if a certain current man-made disaster were to worsen), and the more foolish parts of the Internet survived but every ancient site and artefact from Morocco to Indonesia was obliterated? How culturally embarrassing, how embarrassing to all humanity, would that be? It’s already happening. Egypt. Syria. Iraq. Chechnya. Afghanistan. The Mediterranean, Black Sea, Fertile Crescent, the Nile and Tigris and Euphrates and Indus rivers.

Nature vs. Folly: Folly scores a point here.

3. Didn’t have anything to contribute, when other people had already said what I would have said, and often better, and always more succinctly. Sure, one could add one’s voice to add to a number of votes: but truths, as we all know, are not true or made more true by having numbers of votes behind them.

One could add one’s voice to add The Weight Of Authority (voice of experience and expertise, that sort of thing). And then either feel smug when one’s vote was treated as authoritative, thus reinforcing one’s Authoritative Status, in a virtuous smug-enhancing circle and an upwards spiral. Or feel sniffy if that didn’t happen. And misanthropic. In other words, move into a psychotic vicious circle and downward spiral.

I admit, I sorta kinda nearly did that a couple fair few times. But I stopped, because:

(a) I know I don’t like Authority.

(b) While, being a humble fragile human, I am as prone to foibles, flattery, and folly as anyone else; and as likely to fall prey to vanity and hubris: I feel uncomfortable about the idea of Being An Authority (because (a) above) and am not sure I would like or want to be one. I mean, in two words, Caroline Hirons. Or, to be fair, any other YouTube etc. “guru.”

(c) I’m not an authority anyway.

(d) “Seconding” etc. other people’s comments won’t change that, nor will others’ flattering comments especially if from trolls or Children In Need.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.14.23 PM

Not (just) being sarcastic: a splendid charity…

Hey, who knows, I might actually be an Authority: but I would rather risk that remaining unknown and not acknowledged and acclaimed publicly, rather than confusing Being An Authority with Being A Prat. Just as publicly.

That public thing increases the riskiness. The public eye is a flaw-enhancing magnifying-glass, mean and mean-spirited, without filters except those to caricature, by removing anything that is good or complicated, and all context, balance, and bigger picture.

3. Nothing much new or interesting. For me and my skin and products and so on, personally, selfishly. No news is good news.

4. I spend quite a lot of my work time helping and advising other people, patiently and calmly. This can be very rewarding, even when it is also trying. I don’t want to do it in what little leisure time I have too. I know what my professional time is worth, I do some other extra stuff for free for people who genuinely need it, and I sure as hell am not going to give away research, consulting, and advising services for free to people who are often (though not always) rich, spoiled, pampered, ungrateful, rude, undeserving little sods.

5. After having my lovely month away from everything in the summer, I found myself reading through a lot of online stuff that I had previously found to be riveting and worth obsessing over, and now found myself skipping over in a cursory fashion. Getting bored and going to do something else more interesting after just a couple of minutes. Caring less about Board Stuff than before. Often not caring at all. OK, apart from basic human sympathy for people who are suffering.

So there you have it.

News on the morosophical front:

My intolerance of aloe vera has gone, and some fragrance ones have reduced. Discovered via hair stuff used at hairdressers’. I’m using aloe in the following ways:

1. On damp face as a soother and humectant, before oil.

2. On hair and scalp, mixed into shampoo. Sometimes also conditioner when I can be bothered.

The aloe I’m using is the Aubrey Organics one, which is mainly aloe vera and water, with a little gum and I think some tocopherol acetate. It’s a clear liquid. It was in the fridge for use on The Beloved when he forgets to use sunscreen (or reapply, or do it properly) and gets sunburned. Poor lamb. There’s a bunch of different kinds of aloe vera stuff around. A lot of them have carbomers, which are irritating on my skin (in other products too). Some also have menthol or eucalyptus for a cooling sensation, similarly avoided. These are often also an exciting lurid green colour and may contain other equally exciting stuff: fun if you want to develop exciting skin reactions in time for Hallowe’en, perhaps. There is also the classic aloe vera delivery system that is an aloe plant. They’re great, and cheap. Sadly I don’t have one right now, but am planning on getting one.

My skin was being drier, and I ended up giving up on my main vitamin C serums as my skin retained moisture better (and was not dry, flaky, itchy–the itchiness of tight dryness mind you, not irritation) without either serum than with. And better again with aloe vera. Weird, as August experiments indicated the contrary.

Conclusion: skin is weird, and changes, and I don’t really understand it.

On which happy note, as far removed from Authority and its grand pronouncements as possible, it’s back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now…


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