sunscreen: some myth-busting, inc. limits to the practicality and safety of DIY

The Beauty Brains (2014-08-20):
Some nice mythbusting: yes, you should wear sunscreen and no, it doesn’t make you vitamin D deficient.
(In “sunscreen” one should include all things protecting / screening you from the sun, including clothes, shade, and other avoidance.)

Personal Care Truth: Information based on scientific facts (2014-08-06):
Why you shouldn’t try to make sunscreen yourself (“sunscreen” here = lotion / cream / etc. applied to skin) but should use something that’s been properly formulated (adding: by a properly trained, qualified, and experienced professional cosmetic chemist) and tested.

And from earlier in the summer:

And from even earlier on:

There's no such thing as too much protection, nor too much multi-tasking: here, some chocolate that won't melt in the sun (found online, would love to find IRL)

There’s no such thing as too much protection: here, some chocolate that won’t melt in the sun

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