vitamin C serums: quick notes

mainly to self…

UPDATE: great piece at The Beauty Brains: “Which kind of vitamin C is best for skin?” (Episode 31 in their show-series, 2014-05-20). I would recommend reading this BEFORE trying–let alone buying–any vitamin C products. Also, the following (quoted from the aforementioned piece) should be in every non-foolish, sensible, intelligent, properly sceptical consumer’s credo/mantra:

How to prove an anti-aging ingredient works – the Kligman questions
1. Based on the chemistry of the ingredient, is there any scientific mechanism that could explain why it would work?
2. Does it penetrate to the part of the skin where it needs to be in order to work?
3. Are there peer reviewed, double blind, placebo controlled studies demonstrating the ingredient really works when applied to real people?


New(ish, 2011) stable form of vitamin C: 3-0 ethyl ascorbic acid, a.k.a. ethyl ascorbic acid, a.k.a. Corum 9515.

Some more info:

Used in vitamin C serums from the following:

Just putting the information out there.


  • I have not tested, used, or bought any of these.
  • Some are from companies with whom I have no dealings for reasons of ethics (animal testing, silly prices, outrageous marketeering and other human-insulting behaviour).
  • I haven’t looked at all their ingredient lists; those I have looked at include ingredients that are known irritants on my own skin; most do not declare exact percentages of actives.
  • There will be more. These are the twenty that came up first, and most consistently (repeats), in a simple Google search. There are others; there appear to be many more on the Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese markets.

YMMV as ever. Do not buy for the sake of buying. Be aware of your own, and your own financial, limitations; let not your eyes be bigger than your stomach (also, greed, cupidity, and lust are VICES). If you are using something and it works, cool: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you’re not using any vitamin C on your skin, or anything else for that matter, and you skin is happy: even cooler, and ditto.

Other things to look at (this is very much note to self), for adding to the vitamin C posts:


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