cruelty-free mascaras: updated

lashes cruelty-free mascara

That’s the main Praise of Folly list of cruelty-free mascaras, first posted in March 2012. I’ve just updated it somewhat.

It’s been updated a few times along the way; for example, taking account of the animal-testing-in-China shenanigans. That is still a grey area at present, so companies and brands involved are in the grey-to-black but anyway “shady” list.

While there are some other posts on here on mascara, this is probably the main one; it’s one of the posts that gets read the most, so is probably worth updating. There are others on mascara. About once a year I try to revise the list of mascaras I’ve actually used myself. I haven’t actually tried that many this year, but will do a post on them at some point. I am getting old, and don’t necessarily have mascara on my mind in quite as obsessive a fashion as I ought. Considering how many of the damn things I’ve tested, and how much of a sucker I am for trying out new ones. So the 2014 version might be a post on mascaras I vaguely remember using within around about a year, with links back to the more comprehensive posts.

On the other hand, the post of mascaras I’ve used from 2012 is still pretty useful to me, for reminding me NOT to try out certain mascaras because I have in fact tried them out before. So I might update it at some point. We’ll see.

Much, as ever, depends on work and how much time and energy I have to do nitty-gritty finicky listy things. Given VANCOUVER. I mean, it’s raining right now but still lovely to walk outside in the woods. And walking in the woods is more enjoyable than doing stuff on a computer.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 4.43.29 PM



  1. blushingbiddies

    Just a heads up to your list: Stila and Peter Thomas Roth sell in China (PTR is on China’s Sephora page, and Stila changed their cruelty free commitment to ‘unless required by law’ at the end of 2013)

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