Earth Day 2014

Free yourself from this, and the rest will follow

Free yourself from this, and the rest will follow

[WARNING: this post includes at least one bit of material that might be deemed in poor taste. As ever, be aware of and responsible for your own limits and limitations, including critical and cultural ones.]

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As last year, I don’t propose to post up a list of “approved” green or green-ish brands. I did that before, others do too, and I think it’s an error.

Use up what you have, and be thankful for it.


Repurpose, refashion, recreate. Be creative about using and reusing stuff.


Refuse: reject consumerism and disposable over-consumption. Buy only what you need, when you need it. At a price you can afford. On your own terms.

Fuck The Man. Well, OK, that too, if you are that way inclined. Or The Person Of Your Choice, Respectfully And Mutually Agreed. That most certainly would be a pleasant way to spend a nice evening, in a peaceful, earth-friendly, sustainable sort of way. Might require some consumption though, so make sure to have your snacks ready in advance: you know, organic 100-mile-produced raw veggies, kale chips, gluten-free crackers and hummus. A good opportunity for reheated old pizza. Inventing new cocktails from leftovers at the back of the cabinet. Some champagne, chocolates, and hot deep-fried delights wouldn’t hurt either. 

On a more serious note: remember and value things that matter. Some bought consumables can have real value, they can be loved through associations. Take a moment to recall things you bought and loved, and that are no more. And another, for things you loved but gave away to someone else. Perhaps someone you never met, someone who deserved your precious things more (ex. giving clothes to charity shops).

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 11.47.38 AM

I’m not sure about this, the whole selfies thing feels egocentric to me, self-obsessed, selfish.
Sure, though, I guess it’s The Way to Reach Out To The Feckless / Feral Youth? (Am I getting old??)

Perhaps someone who loved a thing more than you did, so you gave it to them, maybe thinking of the thing and its needs, however much you loved (or thought you loved) it; and the thing has been loved the more and the longer for your generosity. Childhood toys. Books. Favourite pens and mugs. Lovers. Um, with apologies, but yes—back in my giddy youth, the good old experimental twenties—there were lovers whom I treated like usable things and then grew up enough to think about as people, with needs and rights to freedom and happiness and so on. To the best of my knowledge, of those with whom I am still in contact or whom I know about, they all lived more-or-less happily ever after. We cannot all be kind to everyone all the time; but it doesn’t hurt to try, to think of others before oneself (or at least, as well as / at the same time as: one can think more than one thought at a time…), just to take a moment and think before acting. Whether it’s lovers, or people in general, or buying stuff, or anything else.

Others do not live happily ever after. Or cannot. Think of them.

On which subject of remembering, liberating, and recycling ex-lovers: remember the dark side of Earth Day.

And if worrying about which lipstick to buy next, or whether to throw away all your “dirty toxic chemical” stuff and replace it with shiny new stuff purer than the driven snow and made out of precious unicorn tears (with apologies to Mr Einhorn), remember the bigger picture:


  1. Erin

    The selfie thing is so stupid. How many cell phones are thrown away every year in favour of the newest model? How about the cancer caused by cell phones, wireless signals causing people to get sick from EMFs, the fact that children should not be using them either!! Poor taste, NASA. Buying a cell phone is not good for the earth, and promoting narcissism doesn’t help the cause either.

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