an oldie but a goodie


  1. mej5s

    LOL. Yes the font is horrid but 100% agreed regarding the content and fear-mongering.

    Hope all is well. Shall email later. My condolences regarding the BurnOut reformulation but as you stated…..c’est ça la vie. Question d’être debrouillard, fournir du feedback etc

    • gingerama

      LOL. Hooboy. Lady Folly continues to rule supreme, no threat from those funny upstart religions like the cross-guy-worshippers…
      Edited to remove your link, so as not to publish it, by the way 🙂

      On the subject of performers and performance arts, am greatly looking forward to the new Muppets movie, coming out here in under two weeks! Probably not to the taste of, and almost certainly disapproved by, your slender Terpsichorean friend of the roseate Martian persuasion. Sophistication, wit, complexity, and depth aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, though. Each to their own. Me, I’m a Muppets kinda gal.

  2. mej5s

    I always liked the Muppets myself. The Martians by the way have the oddest timing. Something with the time change or planetary phase….definitely Τερψιχόρη is afoot when Mars is in this phase.

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