skinsperiments: moisturiser: Badger & Dr Bronner balms

futurama: bender and robot oil

UPDATE (2014-03-13): we have a winner. Two, actually:

  • Avocado is IN: avocado oil + either of the balms

Back to the original post and its updates along the way… 

Moisturiser used on the face: including the eye area and lips and everywhere down to the nipple-line.


  • Garden of Wisdom matcha green tea hyaluronic acid serum
  • then oil: meadowfoam seed oil


  • dryness
  • flakiness by the end of the day
  • irritability in areas of thinner skin


  • when skin was dry and irritable, I switched to Garden of Wisdom oat serum
  • then the same oil
  • RESULT: skin was still dry


  • Garden of Wisdom oat serum
  • change of oil, to sweet almond
  • … did this for the last month…
  • RESULT: skin still dry

There were some intermediate experiments using ShiKai Borage dry skin remedy lotion and their face version. With oil, under oil, over oil. No discernible difference except the start of small zits.


  • returned to Garden of Wisdom matcha green tea hyaluronic acid serum
  • continued with sweet almond oil
  • RESULT: skin moist, but got zitty. Not just face, or the combination with the serum: I got spotty areas on parts of me where I was using the different oil but no serum. Ex. upper arms.


  • While at work and feeling so dry as to be itchy, I slapped on some balm. You know, like lip balm. One of the multi-purpose ones.
  • This was immediately soothing and generally felt amazing.
  • Also, no zits.
  • CONCLUSION: the combination of oil and beeswax is an excellent one on my skin.


  • Garden of Wisdom matcha green tea hyaluronic acid serum
  • + a balm on top.
    All over: face, neck, eye area, lips. Applied very slightly differently to eye area and lips.

Split-face testing in progress:

badger balm
Badger unscented balm, the one in the tin
INGREDIENTS: olive oil, beeswax

dr bronner balm
Dr Bronner’s Magic Balm, baby unscented version
INGREDIENTS: jojoba oil + beeswax + avocado oil + hempseed oil + tocopherol

CONCLUSIONS: progress reports will be updated here.

    Both contain oil + beeswax
    The ingredients in both are all organic
    Both are cruelty-free, from cruelty-free companies
    More readily available, including a larger number of e-tailers
    Tin is easier to open
    Finer texture, easier to apply
    In theory, a “better” balance of fatty acids in the oils included (jojoba, avocado, hemp), for skin purpose: very long chain fatty acids (C22, C24) + gamma-linolenic acid (a.k.a. omega-6, C18:3)
    Also certified non-GMO
    Ethical sourcing of Fair Trade ingredients: Zambia (beeswax), Kenya (avocado), Canada (fairDeal hemp); the jojoba is US and fair labour
  • 2014-03-08: Dr Bronner is winning so far.
    Some zits on the Badger side, on chin.
    I’ve also got a cold and am being snotty and sneezy at the moment, which adds the formidable challenge of moisturising the poor unhappy skin around my nostrils but without zittifying it. The Dr Bronner nostril is clear and smooth, but the Badger one has some irregularities ranging from raised clogged pore to full-on zit.
  • 2014-03-13:
    Dr Bronner wins: for use all over face, in cold dry weather.
    Other thing being used, if you’ll permit a late entry to the Make Ginger Moist contest: avocado oil. Yes, we’ve been here before… more than once… good on skin right now, more sustained moisture than meadowfoam seed oil. On days when the weather is damper, this is usually enough for moisture; on drier colder days, the balm instead.
  • 2014-03-24:
    Both are fine, with little discernible difference, on lips and around the eyes.
    Dr Bronner is better on the face.
    But the weather has been damper and/or warmer for the last couple of weeks, mostly, so I’ve mostly been using avocado oil.
    So: no winners, no losers. I’m keeping both, and alternating depending on skin circumstances and weather.


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