no news is good news

At least, on the selfish skincare etc. front.

Stuff at present being used on self in state of stability, top to toe:

  1. Curelle Hydra shampoo: for cleaning face, body, and hair
  2. Curelle Riche conditioner: on hair
  3. Mountain Rose Herbs meadowfoam seed oil: pre-wash, eye make-up remover, shaving, body moisturiser, face moisturiser
  4. Garden of Wisdom oat enriched serum: face hydrating serum (under moisturiser, i.e. oil)
  5. Silk Naturals lip balm or Badger unscented sensitive balm in the tin: lip balm and eye cream
  6. BurnOut eco-sensitive sunscreen SPF 30+: sunscreen, on face and any other exposed areas
  7. Elemental Herbs SPF 30 unscented sunstick: lips and eye area
  8. Curelle Styling Gel: on hair
  9. Chagrin Valley deodorant cream, coconut unscented version
  10. Reviva Labs mascara
  11. Tarte stick concealer in eye area
  12. Silk Naturals slick stick in Strawberry Fields

Occasional extras:

  • shea butter, Prevex, petrolatum, or the SDM “Life” brand knock-off of Aveeno’s unscented super moisturising lotion (the one with shea butter) on dry patches
  • Aveeno hand cream, because it was a gift so I’m using it up
  • and some other scented hand-creams that were Christmas presents from well-meaning nice people who have had to encounter my dry flaky hands and the horror that is my nails

In other news, the outside world is not a happy place. Even here in the Pacific North-West, where the weather is balmy and many things seem rather pleasant and civilized–tolerant, liberal, socialist, human(e)–in comparison with some other places; yet unhappiness and unpleasantness are here too. Read the news. Talk about it with other people: family, friends, strangers on public transport, dog-walkers, people in check-out line-ups in shops, barriste making your coffee. Discuss. Question. Rinse and repeat. Spread words. Agree, argue, change your mind, refine opinions, read some more, think. That’s what civilization is all about. Sure, democracy and a rights-based and -respecting society too; but civilization above all.

On which subject of civilization: here is some chocolate, in the form of truffles from Vancouver’s finest, the lovely Chocolate Arts:

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