“enjoy responsibly”

  • New addition to trollwatch: “eleoptene”
  • And something between a playful LULZing troll and a crusading anti-troll: “recurringtrollouter”
  • Images don’t link anywhere: those familiar with the source-site will recognize it; others probably won’t. All pseudonyms have been censored, except my own and those of trolls

Some material of interest for anyone out there being trolled / bullied online: have a look at the bully-trolls’ strategies, especially their perverse use of terms like “bully” against the very people they themselves are attacking. No, that’s not “irony”: it’s malicious, destructive nastiness.

Look also at what trolls accuse others of, and how:

in each case, it is
(a) precisely what they themselves are doing:

  • presumption
  • unsolicited lectures
  • disparage
  • disrespect

(b) the exact opposite of what the non-troll is doing, including taking some of their key characteristics and stating their contrary: this is a classic way of trying to poke, goad, and rile someone into anger, and thence to writing something that would break a discussion-board rules and result in the non-troll being driven off the board… apparently by their own actions:

  • self-righteous
  • unsolicited
  • assumptions / opinions as fact
  • intelligence
  • reading comprehension skills

(c) a twisted interpretation: portraying things that are actually good, as being bad; so as to undermine a non-troll (others’ perception of them, and their reputation and worth; also their own perception of self, self-confidence, perception of reality, and sanity itself):

  • holier-than-thou
  • know-it-all
  • sanctimonious
  • lectures

Conclusions, if you fall for this sort of foolish trollery:

  • Telling the truth = bullying
  • Stating a fact = bullying
  • Producing a consistent argument = bullying
  • Doing so in an honest, straight-forward, direct way = bullying
  • Knowing more than someone else and saying what you know (rather than hiding it and yourself) = bullying

And, further:

  • Writing at length, properly and well, intelligently, and usefully (with the intention of persuading others) = bad
  • Having something to say, having some life-experience, knowing stuff = bad
  • Being smart = bad
  • Wanting to communicate stuff to people, share what you know, reach out and help them, wanting to help them = bad
  • Anything that you do that is good, any good in you, being good = bad

All of which is nicely put in this later addition to the discussion (which doesn’t appear below: not redoing screenshots every time…):

chl******** 12/13/2013 3:24PM
Ethics are great unless they are personal opinions covered in self righteousness and called 
“ethics” in order to excuse self- superior motives. Mean-spiritedness and snarkyness is not part of ethical behavior.

Fair enough for someone who started a thread to have the last word… and a neatly ambivalent one at that!

Therefore: forewarned is forearmed. Do not fall for trolls. Do not let them hurt you. Do not play their game. Do not play games: shift what they turned from discussion to troll-games, back to intelligent discussion amongst people. And publicly shame them.

See also:

  • other posts on here about trolls and trolling, and about ethics, and netiquette (see categories)
  • “troll-spotting (3)”, a post from a couple of years ago with discussion of “tall poppy syndrome”
  • and this last summer’s “hauls” post (2013-07-24)

Tangential footnotes:

  • Go Portlandianism and GO VAN!
    Or: a nice example in action here below of the distinction between Northern and Southern West Coast spirit.
    = Pacific Northwest (plus cooler damper weather; cooler and darker overall) vs. SoCal.
    = Ethics, humanism, and socialism vs. New Age selfish silliness.
  • Ethics vs. affluenza

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Couple of updates:

photo 1-1 photo 2-1

Last word on responsible enjoyment to the Canadian authorities:

enjoy responsibly

Image links to enjoyresponsibly.ca
Three cheers, to your good health, and to pre-festive-season merriment!

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