Giving Tuesday

My email inboxes have been full of a different kind of near-spam (as in: unsolicited, not part of a conversation with known individual humans, and to do with money changing hands).

Last week, in real life as well as online including the spamverse, we had the usual build-up to Black Friday. Then the great day itself. Somewhere along the way, Americans had Thanksgiving and, presumably, duly gave thanks and were thankful in the traditional thoughtful, giving, sharing manner.

Then a weekend, in which the traditional sequence of folkloric ritual activities continued. Interrupted intermittently by spam about CyberMonday. Then, yesterday, CyberMonday. All of which is arguable part of the same traditional holiday, its message and traditions, and traditional spirit and values.

And today: Giving Tuesday.

For people who actually give a ****.

Here are my three main repeat ethical-spam offenders:

Médecins sans frontières


the Canadian Red Cross


Plan Canada


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