updates: vitamin C serums

Updates done.

Some more have been added to the lists. They range from cheap to silly, I wouldn’t use many of them myself (or indeed couldn’t), but they can all legitimately be called “vitamin C serums” of some sort, so they are being added to the lists. Fair’s fair.

Used a vitamin C serum recently? Not seen it on the main humungous list here? Think it fits the criteria and deserves a place? Drop me a line, add a comment to this post, or indeed to one of the vitamin C series ones

Three mysteries NO LONGER remain:

  1. the ingredients of the Renee Rouleau serum, as a proper INCI list, and including percentages of actives EMAILED TO ASK, RECEIVED REPLY: 14% so information has been updated on all relevant posts, and this serum moves from vitamin C-ish serums (4) to vitamin C serums (3). In vitamin C serums (5), it gets promoted to The Long List. Congratulations: also, very pleasant and civil customer service.
  2. need to check Dermalogica vitamin C serums: ingredients, percentages, prices DONE
  3. ITEM NOT YET ADDED TO LISTS: the ingredients of the Trader Joe Nourish Antioxidant serum, including percentages of actives: I’m pretty sure I read on a forum somewhere that it’s c-ester, and yes that’s in the PC review (see next)and it’s $10/1 oz which is very decent indeed. DONE. Animal testing status remains uncertain.

Any other information on that one? And on the RR serum?

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