“Native Canadian women sold on U.S. ships, researcher says”

Why the blazes is this not all over the news, everywhere???

huffington post

Huffington Post, 2013-08-21

See also: “Interview with Christine Stark: Author, Speaker, and Survivor
The Washington Times, 2013-04-12

Why is this not front-page news? Instead of, say, this:

huffpo front page

Don’t tell me: because politics is about Great Men. Political issues are about Great Events. Frat-boy stuff about Great Individuals by Great Individual journalists.

Bollocks to that.

Politics is about issues and ideas, and about human beings. Plural. Including women and “the small people.” History is too.

This is a rapid post. No comment, just raw screenshots each linked to their website. I don’t think any comment is needed, certainly none from me; these matters are the kind of matters that MATTER that shouldn’t need any further comment, analysis, or explanation. For which commentary (especially from anyone not directly involved) is inappropriate. A matter of gut reaction. Intuitive and immediate. If you are a woman, a mother, have ever been a child: if you are a human being.

Support Idle No More: if you’re here in Vancouver and you see them protesting (which is, happily, happening more and more): GO STAND WITH THEM IN SOLIDARITY. Just silently, discreetly, respectfully: that’s as much as you ought to; if, like me, you are not a First Nations person but you are a human being:

idle no more

idle no more

Look out for events for Truth and Reconciliation in the second week of September, and do something (it could, again, be respectful thoughtful silence but for a day):

truth and reconciliation

truth and reconciliation
Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.34.27 PM
Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.34.41 PMSee also, for further research and perhaps to contact further researchers. Journalists and media pundits: the next steps are over to you, but if this were me, and my job, doing some research on/with researchers is one of things that I’d do next:


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