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kubrick shining

Watch: we know we hated Hello Flo but… Vadge and Camp Gyno are hilarious

Because we all know what periods are really all about, and who’s really responsible for bad attitudes towards them, and what’s behind badvertising for the single-use unrecyclable crap women are supposed to BUY BUY BUY monthly for years. Then the end of that consumer cycle overlaps—maybe for a good decade if you’re financially unlucky and weak-willed unresistant—with the start of the next one for anti-ageing, youth-recapture crap.

Here’s what really going on, behind and before, underneath and inside:

kubrick shining redrum

Resist The Man and subvert his authority.
And/or: try to understand him and have some human compassion.
(links to clip of whole scene from a classic period piece, Kubrick’s Shining)

In other menstrually-related news: “Britain’s biggest ever ‘fatberg’ – the size of a bus and weighing 15 tonnes – found in London drain,” The Independent (2013-08-08); as also reported and commented on by Jezebel.

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