spam of the week

First prize and SHINY GOLD MEDAL goes to this surrealist poem:


Reread it a few times, and you’ll start to see nonsequiturs make sense. There’s a connection from “sensitive” to that incredibly toxic metal, and to the availability of different sizes; from “skin” to shoes and boots; and “user’s manual” spins out into the world of metals and motors. The poem ends with a truth: or with a paradox. Sometimes you feel you just caught sight of an unfolding of the enigma so it made sense; then you realise that was just the flutter of a biting insect teasing you in the far corner of your visual field. What an all-round delight.

Second prize and SILVER to this piece of spot-on perfectly relevant spam:


Yes, that last line is part of the spam. And what’s really impressive here is that those three words of the main content can be foolish for more than three reasons. That’s really seriously poetic, that intense richness of meaning.

Third prize:


And the runners-up: some alternative, and often rather imaginative, approaches to the topic of “cruelty”:

spam spam

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