review: Garden of Wisdom Matcha Green Tea HA serum

One of two reviews on antioxidant green tea-based serums; originals at MUA. FIVE STARS / LIPPIES.

Good antioxidant hydrating serum: the main ingredients being matcha green tea and hyaluronic acid. A thin gellid liquid, quite runny. Clear. You don’t need much. Odourless.


1. as a sunscreen-booster;  I first tried this out as I was looking for a cheaper antioxidant serum to replace Replenix Power of Three serum. See JoshuaP and his notepad for further details on using antioxidant serums for sun protection…

2. as a hyaluronic acid-based hydrator: to draw moisture to the skin. That alone might be enough if your skin is dehydrated (but not necessarily dry; plenty people are dehydrated but oily, for instance). To be followed by a moisturiser, if needed. My skin’s dryish, and needs something emollient and occlusive on top; usually an oil. That seals the moisture in, and also adds oiliness to the skin (in my case, a good thing; YMMV).

gow matcha 1

APPLICATION: on skin all over: eye area, face, neck, throat, hands, arms, rest of body–all areas that are exposed to sun, plus some that are covered up but right under The Glare From Above (shoulders, upper arms).

Applied in the morning after washing. Followed by moisturiser (plain oil) and sunscreen. Sometimes I mix in some of the GoW Natural Majik Green Tea HydraGel with the Matcha (ratio of around 1:2 GT:Matcha). I tried some other ratios, that one seems to work out best for getting / not reducing excessively the full hydrating effects of the Matcha.


I’ve been using this for several months now. I like it so far. Simple stuff, cheap (nearly 1/3 the price of the GoW Green Tea Hydragel which I also use, and errrm 1/10 or something of the Power Of Three). While it’s not at all a dupe of the Po3 serum–the only common factors are good levels of green tea extracts and hyaluronic acid–the Matcha does an excellent job (on my dryish skin) of hydrating skin (in combination with moisturiser on top to seal that in); Po3 was not as good at that. Nice bonus: non-animal HA.*

It may be helping sunscreen to work by adding that antioxidant layer underneath. MAY, that’s all: I can’t honestly say more than that.

I haven’t done proper scientific testing so can’t give you side-by-side results for antioxidant protection on skin. In that while I haven’t burned this year, or seemed any more wrinkly, I’ve also used sunscreen, clothing, hats, sunglasses, etc. so couldn’t claim any one of these factors to have been the principal one in protecting skin. And I haven’t done good sample testing, double-blind with controls.**

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Matcha Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid 1% (bio-engineered source), Optiphen

Garden of Wisdom product information:

$ 4.85 / 0.5 oz = good size sample, probably around 2 weeks’ worth with generous use
$12.90 / 2 oz = full size
+ shipping: I’m in Canada and usually get enough GoW stuff to fit in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope, so $12.95 for 4 lbs. That takes somewhere in the region of 1-3 weeks, depending on time of year and our lovely friends at the border and in Canada Post. For other international locations, that’s $16.95; US rates are lower, being domestic… See here for full information:

gow matcha 2

for comparison:

INGREDIENTS: Green Tea Infusion, Liposome Base (soy based), Green Tea Hydrosol, Oat Beta Glucans, Caffeine, Cosmocil CQ, Cellulose Gum, Geogard

MF info:
$5.90 / 0.25 oz
$18.60 / 1 oz

* (much hyaluronic acid on the market is animal-derived; I’m a vegetarian so prefer to avoid that sort of thing)

** How one would do that: separate off sections of skin (areas that get the same exposure: ex. forearms), apply one thing to each (this may include areas that get two items if you’re testing for combinations). Someone else should do the applying, not you; and ideally, neither of you should know what you’re applying (get a third trusted person to repackage everything in blank containers, and only they know which is which; there’s more sophisticated ways of randomising this…)


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