update to the update

Still no news to report. Still using the same damn stuff. The same boring plain simple damn stuff.


But, for a blog the writing of which seeks to help its blogueuse emancipate herself from consumerism and disposable pseudo-culture, that’s surely not such a bad thing.

In other news, though, I have gone forth and spent some money on stuff to test / retest. I haven’t actually received or used them yet, though, hence the statements above aren’t technically exaggerations or, as Mrs T put it, being economical with the truth. If the testing proves exciting in any way, there will be reports back. If you’re very lucky and there are fabulous skin reactions, I promise to try to remember to take photos. Would be a shame and mean-spirited not to. Everyone loves a good gorefest picture.

On a slightly-related-if-denuded-to-the-point-of-being-flayed-of-flesh note, and looking forward to darker loamier cooler times of year if a summer of tediously constant warmth and sunshine is getting you down, over to Figure 1: Noir from Roxana Illuminated Perfume:

Figure 1: Noir

Figure 1: Noir started out in life in a box of chocolates. No, this is not a variation-joke on that silly saccharine Gump film. We’re talking real proper (no saccharine, the opposite of Hershey’s, etc.) chocolate here. Or rather, its quintessence distilled into olfactory abstraction. A work of art that makes theobroma into The Chocolate Sublime. Um. Ooops. Except that poses metaphysical problems, or at least makes me guilty of tautology and hyperbole.

Excesses aside, though, it’s a curious and haunting and beauteous scent. I’m not sure I like it; it disturbs, there’s too much fear and respect in relations (unlike with the Green Witch, who might sound at least as scary and is certainly colder). Disquieting. That’s all I’m saying. Scent is subjective, the most subjective sense, and this particular one is one of these scents that heightens perception and emphasizes the perceiver’s subjectivity. You stand very still and sniff, and lo! you’re in a world of you and/in/as the scent. I wasn’t going to say any more than what I said a moment ago. So I shall shut up now. Go forth and sample it for yourself:

life is like a box of chocolates

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