sunscreens updates 2013 (2)

sunflower1. The main list of physical sunscreens has been updated, with major tweaks: see sunscreens: products

2. See also: sunscreens update 2013 (1)

3. Some ¡escandaló! on the sunscreen front: 

  • the EWG’s annual list:
    Main comment here = annoyance at how crap they are at doing the most basic research: for any given brand, why include some sunscreens but not all? + pathetic lack of research on lipbalm and stick sunscreens.
    For other comments on the EWG and their approaches to sunscreening (or sunscreen-screening), see here.
  • Consumer Reports (July 2013 issue) – and sunscreen recommendations (May 2013)

On that latter point, commentary over on MUA:

muaand, on a related note, another scandal from 2012: this time re. Aveeno and Neutrogena sunscreens:

mua mua


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