current skinsperiments

Most of these are things that I have already, or that were hanging around at the back of a cupboard and I thought I’d give them a last chance before chucking them out (if elderly and decrepit) or donating them to a women’s shelter (if still well within their use-by dates and new/nearly-new, can be swabbed down with alcohol, usable: must be in the same fit state where you might also give it to a friend who was lusting after that item).

See also:

1. A cream cleanser (pref unscented) instead of a solid bar one (a.k.a. “soap” but not a true traditional cold-method soap: I can’t use them as the pH is too high, skin dries out, and barrier is shot to shit).

The back-story: Current bar cleanser was great for a while, now skin is drier all over, and it simply needs and benefits from more. Also, dealing with eczema patches after spending several days in Midwestern / Great Lakes-area water. Also: folks: this is what happens, I fear, when one’s 40th birthday is mere days away. The mind has caught up with the body and is now sending signals to the body, very mixed and complicated ones, and the body is reacting by going into “fuck off and stop stressing me out” mode.

—liquid or cream
—unscented, preferably; def no lavender or lemon, though oils from the sweeter citrus fruits (mandarin for ex.) are OK for short exposure, as you have with a cleanser and as opposed to leave-on products
—hydrating and moisturising
—do the job of cleaning skin
—without stripping it: not leaving it tight, taut, dessicated (or indeed shot to all shit)
—don’t care whether the stuff foams or not, and most of them can be used wet or dry, so whatever on that front
—not a stupid price, as I use the stuff off-face too, on other sensitive skin elsewhere on my flaky old hide


  • The Body Shop aloe cleanser: some irritation, formula has changed from previous one (of years ago)
  • CeraVe hydrating cleanser: good, the best of the cream cleansers so far
  • Druide cleansing lotion: good, a little iffy on the scent as I usually avoid EOs in products (advice of every doc ever), but no immediate contact dermatitis and no longer-term issue
  • Weleda almond cleansing lotion: OK, but as ever I find it’s a little drying (alcohol, lactic acid?) and not that cleansing. Also, about twice the price of those above.
  • also just cleansing with plain oil (meadowfoam seed oil, the current multi-purpose one): cleans the best of the lot. Let’s face it, if it cleans off waterproof mascara and super-tenacious sunscreen (stuff like Vanicream), this is the stuff to beat


  • plain oil
  • and the local women’s shelters, lucky recipients of my (cleaned up, sanitized, etc.) experimental products 🙂

UPDATE: FAIL (2013-05-30)

  • roughness, skin dried out
  • starts of irritation-clogs
  • so currently using oaty goodness instead

2. Messing around with lip- and eye-balms

Back-story: none. Just messing around here with what I’ve already got.


  • Olive oil/beeswax ones: Badger unscented, Madre Bees
  • Other oil/beeswax: Dr. Bronner’s naked one
  • Prevex protectant cream: dimethicone / petrolatum / microcrystalline wax
  • Weleda everon lip balm
  • Weleda calendula ointment: also on lips
  • present!!! Caudalie lip balm

3. Eye concealers

—must be non-drying but also not greasy: dry skin but I wear glasses, and go bonkers if greasy stuff transfers to my glasses and I keep having to clean them 😦
—unscented and sensitive-skin-friendly etc.
—not a stupid price
—the right fecking colour: light, with pink to lilac undertone. Sub-NW05 to 10.
—don’t mind a bit of glimmer, but no shimmer, pearlescence, glitter, etc. If you don’t look like most the population and the celebs they’re aping, you don’t need such things. If for instance you’re already a redhead with pale skin you don’t really need to add much/anything for visual impact. And who needs that sort of thing anyway, if you have the sparkle of wit? Excuses aside: the real reason is I’m just not a glittery kind of person, I prefer restraint, subtlety, and decorum.

Back-story: my old Tarte stuff was running out and not entirely satisfactory with glasses. My old Laura Mercier stuff was too dry. Hence trying things out.


  • Silk Naturals sleep in a jar in light peach
  • Laura Mercier: the eye basics is too dry right now
  • Tarte stick, and their maracuja one
  • a Josie Maran (yes, her!) one, except I’ll have to recheck which thing it is
  • and various samples. All the following have gone in the trash for reasons of irritation, going orange with oxidising, being too dark to start with (yes, with the lightest shade): Chantecaille, Laura Mercier eye canvas, Silk Naturals stick (too yellow), and two from The Body Shop. Plus some others, some of them outrageously expensive so I’m willing them not to work.

Any ideas and tips on cleansers and concealers? Leave a comment below, all will be read and might even be appreciated if that’s appropriate 🙂


  1. Jessica

    Have you tried Vapour’s line of foundations and concealers ( I am, wonder of wonders, their second lightest shade, so lightest might be some hope for you. The one from RMS beauty will definitively be too dark and yellow for you. I like the click pen from Burberry, but I am highly doubtful that they’re cruelty free.

    Agreed on the Weleda Almond cleanser, by the way. It turns my sunscreen into a gelatinous mess, but doesn’t actually take it off.

    • gingerama

      No, I hadn’t tried Vapour: thank you for the tip!

      I am as always miffed about that Weleda one. On the other hand, their revamped Irish cleansers (the blue packaging: a cleanser and a cleanser-and-toner) are nicer and better at actually cleaning, but scented.

      The other good one, but I’m not reordering it, is Lavera’s 2-in-1 cleansing milk. Excellent at actually cleaning. Again, some scent though less than those Weleda ones. And less alcohol.

      Dr. Hauschka stuff is decent too (but too much alcogol and scent for me, often, and I know my skin’s going that way at the moment so avoiding. Also, silly prices.)

      There’s others that are decent too, but again issues with price: ex. Trilogy.

      And another one, not used recently cos scent issues: Earth Science ADE Creamy Cleanser. Cleans well, good on the wallet too.

  2. Icaria

    For a concealer have you had a look at Benefit Fakeup? It’s relatively new and the texture is quite interesting.

    • gingerama

      Thank you! Sounds great, but sadly BeneFit aren’t cruelty-free 😦

      For the record, my favourite concealer of all time was Lancôme Effacernes in Porcelaine 1: but, again, not cruelty-free (insert weepy face here). And one very selfish and possibly cynical reason why I’m watching European cruelty-free developments, especially in practice (vs. in theory, PR, propraganda, marketeering, other fictions, etc.). I would be beyond delighted if L’Ucifer as a whole were to become Good Guys; even despite their wartime record, I’m willing to reward change with change, and to forgive (but not forget).

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