coming up later today


  1. mej5s

    Looking forward to it as I’ve continued my reliance on JI Powder and a freebie tube of a Nivea face moisturizer which is not even officially SPF rated and reeks of fake flowers. (Hey, it was FREE and it doesn’t make my face fall off…..Beiersdorf doesn’t pass muster on the ethics front but beats out L’Oreal, P&G etc)

    • gingerama

      Well, no promises… coming up soon, once work is done. And lunch; today looks like it’s going to be fusion-meals day. That is, “tunch” at around 5 p.m., 5:30 if I’m unlucky.

      Actually, if you can deal with the silicones in it, one quick rec might be Replenix sheer physical spray spf 50. Too ‘coney on me for face (and it’s not that siliconey: more watery), but good elsewhere, and did a grand job on my early-spring photosensitive rashes on neck.

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