Éminence Organics (2)

something is wrong on the internet


Oh dear.

A MakeupAlley Green Board LOL:


Mkay…  Or, a beautiful example of cultish belief, hoisting oneself by one’s own petard, and a host of other follies.

people can find negative things to say about any line as nothing is perfect but at the end of the day only those with truly fussy skin understand how nice it is to find a more “natural” line that works for your skin. With the results I have gotten I will be using for many years to come and anyone I have turned on to it loves the line as well. All comes down to personal opinion.

ROFL. For more on personal opinion and being having arseholes, see amongst others:


Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 4.53.18 PM

Well, and who doesn’t love to see a nice bit of idiocracy in action? Voting on facts and truth, never goes out of fashion.

And then we got this nice resumption of the

only those with truly fussy skin understand

theme, truly beauteous, outstanding, and poetic:

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 4.53.36 PM

You know,

having such fussy skin […] when so little works for me

as opposed to having skin that is merely sensitive or irritable or intolerant, and by “merely” I mean just medically, scientifically, experimentally-provably so, in, you know, mere concrete physical reality. And by “having” I mean “cursed with it from birth, thank you genetics, and would dearly love to have the skin of a rhino or at least so I can forget about it and get on with more important things in life.” As opposed to, you know, being a special precious unique gifted flower, defined by what precious special unique products I have to use that work for me.

Free yourself from this, and the rest will follow

Free yourself from this, and the rest will follow

and then there’s, um,

at least the line isn’t full of chemicals

Oh dear.

But—look!!!—it’s a fluffy kitten!

fluffy kitten

And isn’t that a chocolate éclair I spy over there?

genin eclair

And, do my eyes deceived me, or is that a nice cocktail, my very favouritest of favourite cocktails, that’s just magically materialised right in front of me?

How to pickle a ginger: 60 ml dark rum + ginger beer + lime (squeezed and wedged). Repeat until "The Dark And Stormy" is equally applicable to both the drink and the drinker.

How to pickle a ginger: 60 ml dark rum + ginger beer + lime (squeezed and wedged). Repeat until “The Dark And Stormy” is equally applicable to both the drink and the drinker.

I can’t be arsed debating idiocy with idiots. But am as ever grateful for the gift of a good giggle: thanks, o enlightened eminent ones! Besides, it’s time for a pre-dinner drink here in Vancouver.

[UPDATE THE NEXT DAY: wow, what a freaky coincidence: it’s time for pre-dinner drinks here again this very minute as I’m updating this post! OMG, that’s awesome. Yes, it’s always time for a pre-dinner drink, anywhere. And even just in Vancouver. Except while drinking with dinner, and if imbibing post-prandially.]

Peace out to all, even poor Eminently Organic fools, and maybe just maybe

time to stop

This post is dedicated to the preservation of the sanity of the repressed minority of sane rational people on MakeupAlley’s Green Board,

live long and prosper

and to the continuing struggle to preserve said board’s reputation and to maintain its focus (part of its subtitle) on “eco-friendly living.” All that ethical stuff that doesn’t count, or rather, that is considered irrelevant on pretty much every other MUA board.

See, problem is that some Green-boarders seem to be not just lacking in sanity and brains in general, poor dears, but to have rather poor literacy skills, marked by an inability to distinguish the letter “c” from “g.”

Sweeties: it’s eco-friendly living. Not ego-friendly.

AND ANOTHER UPDATE: in response to BayRidge’s comment—

The only reason I would think twice is that it seems there were some shady business practices that went on between Eminence & Ilike Organic Skincare.

[“The current Éminence products are no longer associated in any way with Aunt Ilcsi Molnár or her family owned company!” Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs]


I started looking into this when I noticed that the products between the 2 lines are just about identical. It bothers me to think that one company might have stolen the formulations of another one, given that these are small family owned enterprises (we’re not talking the P&G of the world). If anyone has any information one way or another, I would love to see it!

Another POV on the ingredients used (n/a) – from 2010 so maybe the ingredients have been upgraded?

[“Review: ilike organic skincare,” Hottiescientist (2010-05-24)]

but at the end of the day, if it works for you & your skin is happy, go for it.

—we get this:

mua, or, functional illiteracy in practice

I rest my case re. eco-/ego-centricity. Can’t read; or, can’t read and process and retain and understand information. Lacks cognitive capacities in concentration and comprehension. But I wonder, given the use of “ignorance is bliss,” if someone has been reading over here?

Last word to a wise friend and irregular correspondent:

Another angle to consider would be the fact that Eminence is so prominently featured in vapid rags such as [No More Dirty Looks, etc.]. The readership for those tends to be “special” and may lean more towards the naturally stupid than the actively trolling.

Ending with some cuddly friendly green-ness:

origami yoda

One comment

  1. gingerama

    And because I’m a woose and anal, I added in further response to the original MUA thead:

    (gingerrama, 4/26/2013 8:49PM)
    adding: “worth it”=if your skin & the rest of you is happy with it, sure! peace of mind=priceless and if your skin’s sorted out and content, you can then devote time, energy, and attention to other things, the rest of life.

    Sadly–only way to find out if something works for you and your very individual special precious unique skin is going to be testing it out… but sounds like you’re happy with it so far?

    Even if it turns out the *way* something works is all in the mind (rather than directly plainly on skin–and not forgetting that these psychological effects are very important too), the stuff still works for you: end result is the same, even if the pathway is different. And that end result, happy skin and happy you, is what counts.

    This, by the way, is the fuller version of the “subjectively” I mentioned in my original response (and as distinct from “for me” and from “in objective terms”).

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