oh lordy, Part Deux

Or, bringing the phrase “it gets better” into disrepute.

See, the real root problem in what follows is one of individual limits, a lack of contact with reality, and their combination with historical ignorance.

The first of those is a big problem: an individual who is not of the most blessèd in the brain department, who makes do the best they can with what they’ve got, but who is a fundamentally simple creature (like all trolls) with simple appetites, comprehension of their surroundings, and capacity for meaningful interaction and activity. I was always taught that one should pity the afflicted, and help them as best one can, as much as they can take too (because these are still sentient beings with feelings and will, albeit of limited judgement). Now, a simple creature thinks in terms of survival and territory. At least defending what territory one has (vs. diminution and extinction), at best expanding territory. The latter counts as “success.” One all-too-prevalent version of which is the Viagra Paradigm. Also, all Ayn Rand idiocies.

We’ve seen—heck, even Darwin saw this, and certainly Malthus before him—that how evolution and The World work is a bit more complicated. But here’s where the unhappy, nay verily tragic, conjunction of individual limits and interaction with reality intersect. For the simple creature does two things: 

(1) being of limited awareness and imagination, believes all other creatures to be like her: selfish and territory-centred;

(2) but is also dimly aware of some other creatures being different and being perceived by others as “smarter”: this difference is a threat, as it could be an advantage in defending and expanding territory. Its nature and means of operation is unknown, as are the means to combat and annihilate it. The result is fear, anxiety, and paranoid delusion. The latter as these incomprehensible exterior forces are a threat not only to our simple individual, but to their whole world. Because “their world” = “how they perceive the world to be”; over to you as to whether you’ll pick the phenomenologist explanatory route for that one, assorted linguistic ones, or go all factually neuroscientific on the poor simple creature’s arse mind arse.

The simple creature is aware of the internet, which is seen as part of their world: and of conquerable territory. They may be aware of “social networking” as a useful thing for business-/empire-building. Who knows, they may have worked as an Avon Lady in a past life. They may even have heard of the term “Web 2.0” in combination with “monetization” and “social networking.”

Two problems here:

(1) the (other) major element of “Web 2.0,” back in the day when this was a new idea (and with new tech: I mean, at the architectural, scripting, and coding levels…), was sharing, community-building, forwarding, syndicating: yes, “networking” but in a positive sense. In an anarchic sense. Or whatever you would label as “the opposite of a system that is build on a simplistic dualist model, operates on dominant/submissive power-relations, and results in phallogocentric patriarchalist oppression.” Like that silly “he who is not with me is against me” nonsense. Maybe, in minimalist (but by no means simple) terms, an “and/and/and…” way of being, as opposed to an “either/or” one.

Personally, come the revolution, I would ban (and I don’t often want to ban things… well, not that many) all courses in economics, finance, and business departments that are responsible for teaching and researching “social networking” and thus for perverting its principal (and principled) sense. I’m still in two minds as to whether, come the revolution, I’d have the perpetrators of these monstrosities taken out and shot. There are limits.

Also, I refuse to use “friend” as a verb, and certainly not the participle forms “friending” (leading to a whole new noun-form) and “friended.” There is a perfectly good verb already: “to befriend.” Like the former—or “FaceBook-friend™” as I prefer to think of it—”befriend” is always transitive and often reciprocal, both of which are important to its meaning. The difference:  that all-important prefix “be-.”  The difference? Two changes:
(i) intensifying the action of the verb, and reinforcing the reciprocity and all-around-ness (think ambi-, “all around, on all sides” + adds pretty much every preposition in the book: at, to, in, etc.);
(ii) causality attached to deliberate agency, doing something, making something happen.
So “befriend” is more intens(iv)e, more active, and more interactive than FaceBook-friend™. A better word: and FaceBook-friend™ offers not only a weaker sense, but has also removed individual agency and interaction. 

Language is important, grammar very important, though of course both pale into insignificance next to thinking before one speaks and thinking about what one is saying. Speaking, and being, mindfully. That’s “with mind” and “minding out for others.” Wittingly, but also carefully, attentively. Communication, as one’s principal way of engaging with the world, isn’t (all/just) about self-expression and asserting one’s ego, that whole Viagra Paradigm simple creature thang. Nope. Communication is about transmitting and sharing ideas; anyone can self-express by talking to themselves, but one moves beyond such infantile onanistic activities in having conversations and building relationships.

Incidentally, markers of “civilized life” (anywhere on the planet, in any period, for any species, and indeed in many an alternate world in speculative fictions).

(2) Last I saw, we’re somewhere around about Web 4.0 at the moment: semantic 3.0 web + AI → symbionet ecosystem, approximately speaking.*

Enough guff from me. Over to the fun and games…

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.31.52 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.32.09 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.32.26 PM

Aaand also (alas, I peeked over at MUA too late to see what the comment was that got deleted):

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.44.05 PM

Aaaand last but by no means least, this:

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 3.48.53 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 3.49.09 PM


“I DO NOT HAVE TO CITE MY SOURCES ON MUA BECAUSE I AM UNIVERSITY EDUCATED” (anon; not my own work… someone much, much, much wittier!)

* Historical footnote** / short select bibliography:

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** Footnote to the footnote: The MUA Notepad That Says It All:

list of top 10 Documentaries watch for free http://www.trueactivist.com/list-of-top-10-documentaries-watch-online-for-free/

Don’t Believe everything you read.  Where large amounts of money and greed is concerned there can never be complete transparency.  The purpose of this website, besides Good concepts like creating a community based on knowledge and sharing, also has an even GREATER AGENDA OF MAKING MORE CONSUMERS OUT OF PEOPLE and because of this there will be and there are Fake planted reviews, People who post in the interest of Large corporations and Companies.   We must listen with a discerning eye and do some of our own research. Be somewhat careful of the POPULAR OPINION here, Popular  sometimes means something embraced by many, but  it can also be the careful work of a select Few who post ALL THE TIME, in order to sway readers.

In a perfect world this board would only have real women members who are not affiliated with Big Corporate companies who would love nothing but to sway public opinion, well this not a perfect world and there are many here who work together to post everyday , usually in groups who work very hard to convince as many people as they can, that Vaseline is great for your skin and even  for Acne LOL, Mineral Oil, too its the Holy grail oil , isn’ it?

Natural oils ? Yuck Poo ! LOL

THE Cosmetic industry is a huge billion dollar industry, you can bet they do anything they can to ensure profits, I am not saying there aren’t companies that are honest and do try to create good product, there are, you just need to look and search, but there are many more who do not care about anything else but huge profits.


do your own research and come to your own conclusions, never take advice just because it seems popular.  I Love this board but realistically it is here to sell ….. sell sell sell. consume consume consume !

My reviews and general outlook on the beauty industry may upset some others because I tell it like it is.     Skin care is  unlike food , we need to read the ingredients because there are things we want to avoid , also the skin is an organ on the body and it does absorb so we want to be careful what we are slathering on ourselves on a daily basis.

I still come here for reviews, but I can pretty much tell which ones are from real women and which are just planted here to make us buy more useless and overpriced garbage.

I try to encourage women to take care of their skin, there really is no reason in this day and age to go to a Doctor or  Salon for any reason,( sorry Dr’s and Salon Owners lol) there is so  much information available and ways to acquire professional strength items , I see no reason to fork over hundreds of dollars for the same information you can get for free through careful searching.

SWAP TIP: I print my labels Via Paypal, and re-use packaging, I  have a scale to weigh all my swap items so I just drop them off in a postal box, No lines, no waiting !

Beauty Routine :

 I am 46 years old and have never been to Salon Or dermatologist.

I go for the stuff that works and have been proven over time, I don’t bother with herbs, peptides, Clarisonic  and other gimmicks and lies, the biggest one being that you need to pay over 100.00 to buy a “RETINOL CREAM”

The media likes to confuse you with that umbrella term so they can associate it in your mind with the much stronger and well known true Retinol, the one … the  only Tretinoin. I am sorry but the derivatives do not work, and  even if they barely work……. they still cannot compare to the real deal.

GOOD NEWS Is , you can get Tretinioin cheap and without Rx, check below for Video link.

There are only a few important things you can do for your skin and a very important part  is a good moisturizer, you would think this is very simple but it isn’t the case.

A large majority of what appears to be very glamorous and over priced potions don’t even do a good job and just moisturizing skin, they use filler ingredients such as silicones and “moisturizing” alcohols.

I fell for this beauty bullshit for quite many years and tried it all.

I make my own moisturizer with emu oil and shea butter in a natural organic base, this saves me money for other things and it works better than anything else I have tried.

For treatments glycolic acid is tops and I also make a fabulous night cream which is about 20% strength, I can make it stronger or weaker if I like and I know it doesn’t contain anything questionable.

as far as peptides,clarisonic and all those high priced lies,  I don’t need them.

I exfoliate a lot using medical grade aluminum oxide crystals, and a flat buffing pad , I use a razor 1 or 2 weekly and always use sun protection. My favorite natural zinc based sunblock is Badger about 7 bucks at vitacost it last me a long time and is highly moisturizing. If your skin is a bit oily and want something Natural and lighter try Goddess Garden.

As far as cleanser goes again another waste of resources to buy anything “special” I used Dr woods baby castile soap which is 7 bucks at Vitacost , I use this on my body and face and it works beautifully. no sls, nothing weird and funny in it just gentle cleansing.

I do not use petro- chemicals. I feel it clogs up the skin and is drying .

I made a Video about how to order from All Day Chemist for Tretinion , latisse and other cool stuff check it out !






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  1. adnanramin

    Hey – I’ve managed to absorb 10% at most, but found it quite intriguing. All through I kept thinking of the adage ‘sometimes, a majority means all the fools are on the same side’! Will come back for re-reads / more.

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