spam of the week

It’s only Tuesday, but there have already been some beauties:


The images that currently attract the most spam—

Poppy fabric: Marimekko, 1964

Poppy fabric: Marimekko, 1964

—from troll-spotting (3): rules of the game (September 2011), part of a series on trolls and trolling: more on which subject tomorrow… and then there’s this one—


—from troll-spotting (4): portrait of the troll as a young bitch (September 2011), the last in that aforementioned series; and featured in this spam of the week post of a couple of weeks ago. As this week’s “spam of the week” shows, the “spam of the week” posts attract a fascinating array of meta-spam; of which this post would be para-meta-spam I guess. Fascinating. Count me fascinated.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 3.26.56 PM

note conspicuous absence of fascinators made out of, or incorporating, spam: spammers, go forth and be creative, here’s a gift of a golden idea on how to be fascinating!

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