holy crap skinny b

Local Holy Crap: the Skinny B version.
Ingredients: organic chia, organic hulled hemp hearts and organic buckwheat.
Very tasty and versatile: mix in with other breakfast cereals, sprinkle in salads, on top of baked or toasted dishes, mix in with a lush buttery crumble, add to muffins, etc. Haven’t yet figured out how to work it into a cocktail.

by which, I do not mean f***

but the reduced form of the chemical element with atomic number 9.

Consider this one of my many gripes about Whole Foods (and indeed other local granolemporia). To start with a positive, the Vancouver branches of WF have excellent cheese. And chocolate. And many other fine things. They have a shite selection of cosmetic, skincare, and haircare products: for those whose skins are of a more sensitive disposition. OK, there are a few Good Things: Curelle, and several appropriate things from Earth Science, Jason, Desert Essence. For example. So there are some positives to report.

But not enough, and too much crap, and too much overpriced crapola. 

Go to the detergents section, for the washing-up of dishes and other things in the kitchen. The washing-up liquids with the Whole Foods Seal Of Approval (which we have mocked previously on here, probably nearly a couple of years ago now) all contain, EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE, the ONE thing that every eczema association in the world condemns as a terrible and heinous thing for eczematic skins: sodium lauryl sulfate. Yet what has been condemned by that seal? Sodium laurETH sulfate, which is (in combination with other detergents, in low concentration, in a properly-balanced formulation… basically, in the normal way in which it’s used) usually-to-mostly OK.

Other approved detergents look all green as grass and contain another bunch of common skin irritants (and not just on us eczematics) that are also frowned upon for their non-environmentally-friendliness once they hit the water-system and get into the food chain: the isothiazolinone group.

Actually, you know what? Good old-fashioned Fairy Liquid (UK; alas, part of the Procter & Gamble stable, though the formula has apparently not changed in like forever) and Palmolive Original (part of the Colgate-Palmolive group, but they’ve had a moratorium on animal testing for a fair while) are better options, just looking at formulation alone:

  • doing their job of cleaning dishes, effectively and efficiently
  • use less detergent → a bottle lasts longer → more efficient use of plastic (plus the bottle is recyclable)
  • use less detergent and less water → save water
  • biodegradable ingredients (inc. no formaldehyde-releasing preservatives)
  • detergents that are kinder on hands: I’ve had flaking and scabbing with all the washing-up liquids I’ve bought from Whole Foods, except the Ecover one, and it’s cruddy at actually washing greasy pans. We like our grease, you see. Sauté-ing in olive oil, grilling, baking… those all need some serious cleaning.

So I’ve had to resort to using washing-up gloves a.k.a. Classic Marigolds when doing the dishes. Not the end of the world, but sucky. I know some people find rubber gloves a turn-on. I don’t. I find them inconvenient and unappetizing. Though these ones might change my life:

washing-up gloves

washing-up gloves

Um. Alternatively—and you can see how the suggestive hints above have been taken rather further… yet more simply and directly—

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 12.16.56 AM

Message to any chaps out there who are convinced they are gentlemen and that females of the species are Ladies, and who never know what to get a Lady for a gift (us females, we’re impossible to please): now you know what to get your Beloved for her next Valentine’s Day. Or for International Women’s Day. Success guaranteed. Whose, how, and what are another story; it is in their very nature for all gifts to be double-edged suprises. But that is a whole other story, and I digress.

Whole Foods, need to do better here.


To be fair, one thing WF does well is keep me supplied in my favourite (also local) granola. Ingredients: Organic oats, unpasteurised honey, almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, unsulphered coconut, sunflower oil, dried cranberries, organic raisins, black strap molasses.
And no ****ing cinnamon. Effin’ A.

But that lovely granola aside…


Which brings me back to the letter F. The thing I actually meant to rant about today and had originally set out to mouth off about: toothpaste. You now can’t get fluoridated toothpaste in my local Whole Foodses. SLS-free, yes (thank feck for that). But must be fluoride-free too. Now, to some extent it’s not a biggie, as my favourites (Jason PowerSmile and Sea Fresh) are cheaper online from US sources anyway. But this is not only repressive, it’s stupid. Here’s why:


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