spam of the week!


And the week has barely started… 

Quran (4:104) – “And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) shall suffer pain as you suffer pain…”

appeared, in response to about: the blog. A very fina ayah. An entirely fitting comment, apposite, pithy, summarizing much of the existence of the sensitive-skinned redhead, and dovetailing nicely with

A tragicomic moral tale of one woman’s valiant struggles with first-world problems and her moves towards minimalism, environmentalism, and liberation from consumerism. In other words: hippy-dippy tree-hugging granolarama sh*t, occasional arty-farty vapid airy-fairy nonsense musings, sanctimonious pontificating rants, may contain nuts and other irritants […]

in the sticky introductory post that always appears at the top.

Here are a couple of pages’ worth of alternative translations, to give you some idea of that ayah‘s poetic richness and depth of ideas: at quran360 and at IslamAwakened.

Then again, look what happens when you copy-paste “Quran […] pain…” into Google: a most enlightening search. And it appeared in pseudo-response to a couple of other posts: quite a few of the vitamin C series (possibly as they get a lot of hits), plus (as ever) one of the posts with a V**gra joke. And note the home sites: neither their titles nor the “needmassage” URLs seem, um, at all appropriate. Or likely.


UPDATE: also from a certain “…londontantric…” URL, as a comment on one of the rosehip oil posts. Anti-vanity? Anti-women? Should I contact the email address to find out, through engaging in open adult discussion? Or would be talking at cross-purposes, meaning different things by “open adult?” Am I over-thinking all this: it’s just spam FFS? As in, sent out automatically by a spambot.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Then another, from “humantrafficking.” Um.


Tsk, say I. Someone out there in the ether is doing some thoroughly disrespectful, nasty, bitter and twisted, mean-spirited, blasphemous, intolerance-mongering trolling of the worst sort. Someone out there is bringing Islam and good Muslims into disrepute. Or worse: is this some sort of wacko CIA plot?

Cue further spam (I hope at least as stimulating) in response to this post here. Key-words: FEELING SMALL VIAGRA SPAM.

Ah yes, and in case you thought I was kidding about publicly-funded campaigns of intolerance, massaging weak-willed public opinion into rabid frothing fear-mongered frenzies? In the first week of January this year (happy New Year, folks!), in New York subways, this:

fuckwits of the world unite, you have nothing but your... oh hang on a moment...

c/o the New York Daily News, 2013-01-08 (image linked to original article)

There have been further WTFs. For one angle on them, and a misture of the happy and the sad, see the two next links. The sad: that is, the necessity that is the monitoring, reporting, archiving, and pursuit of anti-social, anti-civil(ized), illegal (and in most decent places criminal), unethical, anti-human(ist) hate speech and acts. The unhappy duty and responsibility of informing of the public, whether they like it or not. And yes it’s not pleasant but it’s sure not pleasant if you’re not an urban white neutrally-dressed person like me (other minority factors notwithstanding). Especially as not only is this social civil responsibility not being shouldered by those whose actual duty and burden it is: i.e., The State. Who are turning a blind eye. Or collaborating. That ad above should never have been posted up.

The happy: well, some folks out there have managed not to forget that they, and we, are human. And humane. Whether humanist or not. “Love thy neighbour,” and all that.

Consider this post a counterpoint to the last one on animal rights. Humans have rights too. Some might regard that as natural, and these being natural, normal, expected rights all round: seeing humans as having rights as animals, and all concerned having natural rights as living things coexisting in, and indeed actively and proactively cohabiting, an ever-denser-populated and more fragile natural world, our ecosphere. The same goes—writ larger—for the ecosphere as went—writ smaller—back in the 18th century for the rights of all humans everywhere and further back in Antiquity for people living closer together in cities. A.k.a. “civilized” “citizens”; and “love thy neighbour” makes no sense in the absence of next-door neighbours. Living closer together = need for tolerance/toleration. It’s not a complicated idea. The difficult bit is putting it into practice, using less, sharing, and thinking of others and of the whole. Thinking of them as being more important than oneself. And maybe, eventually, getting into the very hard habit of thinking of them first and thinking first of things from others’ points of view. Tolerance, patience, perspective, imagination, thought. All supposed to be very human qualities, or at least the sorts of attributes that distinguish “higher” from “lower” life-forms.

But when it comes to this sort of idiocy and idiocracy? And unthinking hackle-raising spam like that? I’ve met single-celled organisms that ticked more boxes on the “are you a higher life-form?” questionnaire. Admittedly, when they came along and gave me nasty diseases. Then again, if we’re talking disease now…

Please not: I refrained from making the classic anti-Australian joke about culture and yoghurt.

To conclude: spam isn’t always harmless, benign, trivial. It may be worst when it appears to be at its most unthinking.

SOS Racisme badge "hands off my friend"

(one of Ginger’s oldest, proudest, and most treasured possessions is one of these badges, from the mid-1980s)

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