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2.i) “Best all-natural skincare?

fluffy kitten

→ I can’t and wouldn’t recommend a single line for everything, same as for “unnatural” stuff++


It’ll depend on what you’re looking for, and depend on your skin. Watch out for essential oils and any of your own known irritants, cloggers, etc; and test test test, for a good length of time (6 weeks, and properly). Like with any skincare.

YMMV: if you’re sensitive and are irritated by or break out from products, I’m assuming that by now, you’re in the habit of
1. reading ingredient-lists on everything,
2. keeping lists & diary of your own personal individual known irritants,
3. and avoiding them.

And I’m assuming you know that
1. no single brand can be “completely trusted” and suchlike,
2. you need to go product by product,
3. there’s no such thing as one single magic miracle product (let alone a whole brand) that suits every individual skin–not even water or mineral oil–because individual skins vary.
4. there’s no necessary connection between price and quality & suitability for *your* skin*

Caveats over…


1. In general:
Garden of Wisdom
Mountain Rose Herbs (a lot of my stuff is single oils or DIY from them & GoW)
Silk Naturals
Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods own-brands have some good stuff
food! oils, fruit pulp, juices, oats, yoghurt, teas as toners, etc. Also eating it.

2. Some oldies but goodies, at Whole Foods and other health-food shops:
Badger (the unscented balm)
Dr. Hauschka stuff (not by any means all + YMMV for scents)
Derma E (the pycnogenol stuff, but + YMMV for scents
Earth Science (+ YMMV for scents)
Lavera (the Neutral unscented lines and Basis but + YMMV for scents)
NOW foods
Weleda (but apart from the Calendula Ointment, + YMMV for scents)

3. Some green board posts for lists of (IMHO) OK-er/-ish “all natural / organic” skin care:

“greener” skincare for more sensitive skins:

list of “green” skincare that’s not stuffed with (and, in many cases, actually manages to be free of) essential oils:

my main “green-ish” (but more-or-less, YMMV-as-ever, skin-tolerable) skincare list:

affordable “natural” skincare:

(probably less useful) my “organic” (for whatever that’s worth to whomever) list:

* No need to buy expensive stuff, there’s at least as much BS around in “natural” as in “unnatural” skincare. Maybe more: the sales & marketing assumption seems to be that “greener” customers are less savvy and smart, worse-educated, scientifically illiterate, believe everything they read, can’t read very well anyway, and are very open to manipulation, fear-mongering, blind belief in cults, and… well, basically, more BS-able.

confused fluffy kitten pauses for contemplation

2.ii) “Do you believe that treating your skin SUPER gently like the system claims can help heal your acne? It states to wash your face with a gentle cleanser for only 10 seconds (BARELY touching your face), rinse with water, and apply lotion so lightly that you’re not even rubbing your skin.

→ well, the idea of being gentle with damaged fragile skin seems sensible to me++

whatever the cause of that fragility and damage (same goes for my kind of thin skin, eczema, etc.). It’s not necessarily going to do anything *for* your skin, directly, to make it change for the better; but it’ll help prevent extra damage and exacerbating / aggravating the status quo. And giving skin more chances to heal over (for raw, bloody bits) will help too.

But I’d probably call that “thinking through what they say, it makes sense” i.e reasoning, not “belief.” I’d not be very keen on handing my skin, myself, and my brain and decisions over to a company, brand, method, or system–trusting them completely, believing in them, no questioning.

fluffy kitten is confused

2.iii) An oldie but a goodie: an EPIC piece on The Evil Parabens. For the record, and amusingly, I don’t actually use that many things that contain parabens. But I’m not against them, and in certain situations (mascaraaaaah) very much in favour (but of other good preservatives too). Come to think of it, right now I am using no parabens at all. How embarrassing, to be ironically paraben-free! :

The Great Classic Paraben Epic

paraben epic

paraben epic

paraben epic

epic parabens

fluffy kitten researches sources

2.iv) another paraben beauty: “Is anyone here on the paraben-free train? I have never been one to really concern myself with ingredients that have been dubbed “dangerous” in the long term, but I must admit all this talk of parabens causing cancer has me a little worried. Do you all believe the hype?

→ a[s] for why the anti-paraben business is foolish ignorant stupid dangerous nonsense++
and also, for more coverage of parabens and the fear-mongering BS based on misreading The Science, see the posts labelled “preservatives” here (c/o favourites):

I do not believe the hype.

I do, however, believe:
(a) that only foolish people believe the hype
(b) that only foolish people believe *any* *hype*
(c) that only foolish people *believe* *hype* when they’re dealing with matters of fact, and especially facts of life-and-death and health issues;
(c) that only foolish people *believe* *anything* when they could use their brains and think it out for themselves instead, accompanied by doing research and asking questions: ex. your asking this question is exactly this–asking questions–and therefore fab and ace!!!

And, not a matter of belief:
“Parabens *cause* cancer” = false. (That’s not to say they might not be contributing factors; or parabens from other sources; or otherwise bear some relation of coincidence. But not *cause*. Like, not even “cause” as distinct from “cause cause”…)

fluffy kitten contemplates causal relations

[Here is the full thread:]




fluffy kitten gets it!

2.v) “I’m so confused…”


And now for that classic of online cinematographical hits, Fluffy Kitten Is Confused:

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