fun footwear

You all know Adbusters, right?

At least as the most expensive magazine sold in Whole Foods?

(That’s something that cracks me up every time, and especially whenever I’m standing in line behind a yummy mummy yoga bunny my-body-is-a-temple more-money-than-sense label-ridden functionally illiterate twerp. But I digress.)

Well. They’ve moved into footwear. Old news, I know: see this early post about them, in the prototype stage back in summer 2008, plus the usual fun comments. Another way to take over/back the city streets. Kick ass ethically. Grass-roots anarchism, from the ground up, with emphasis on your feet that are on said ground, amongst that herbaceousness. With power to the people who make the shoes too.

blackspot shoes

blackspot shoes

Anti-ads, anti-swoosh, a black anti-Chucks-spot. I guess “anti-White Spot” has the wrong connotations here in Canada… Not anti-shoe though, as both are collaborations with John Fluevog (go Vancouverites!) and it shows especially in the design of the lovely Unswoosher:

blackspot shoes

From the December 2012 review on the “Vegan Kicks” blog (image links to it)

See also:

And loooook, see my lovely local store:

fluevog gastown

Last but not least, a fabulous ad that JOLLY WELL OUGHT TO change intelligent sentient any minds and lives in an anti-ad/-label/-brand direction:

blackspot shoes

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