note to self: things to try and/or do next

Featuring BONUS gift ideas!
Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 1.52.21 PM1. To Try:

  • Becca tubing mascara (I think the formula’s changed)
  • Green People mascara (need to check ingredients & research cheapest source when you take into account shipping to Canada)
  • Essence Multi-Action mascara (ditto: cheap as chips in the EU, used to use their stuff when in Ireland)
  • Physician’s Formula, the newer ones: used and disliked their older ones, not tried them for a good year or two
  • ILIA mascara: my only hesitation here is that it’s very expensive, and my local/regional online sources all charge so much for postage that it works out nearly $40 a tube. Which is just stupid. So if the one or two places in Van claiming to have it actually do, I’ll be a happy bunny and test it out on myself.

Thing is: if Ilia were the only mascara in the whole world that worked on me, even then, I’d still hesitate to fork out the $40.
But plenty other cheaper mascaras work on me. So I could (and I’d argue I should, morally) save the difference and spend it better elsewhere: increasing monthly charity donations, for example. $30 is a lot. Add it up over a year, and you’re easily looking at buying goats and chickens and wells and cheap cell-phones for people in developing countries. Or sponsoring girls in education. See further:

Plan Canada’s Because I Am A Girl movement

2. To Do:Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 1.51.57 PM

  • review Weleda Calendula Ointment, with some comparative notes on other Weleda moisturisers, and notes on other possible useful things for tackling winter dry skin
  • re-review Allergenics emollient cream which is truly an amazeballs multi-tasking wonder, including usefulness as a leave-in hair thing for dry curly frizz-prone bits
  • review LUSH Eyes Right mascara: quickie here and now though (which I might just copy and paste later, being a lazy person…):
    brush = ace, especially for short-sighted people like me
    packaging = good, all recyclable
    formula = fail on me: feels like a good texture but I had an epic skin and eye reaction: got the stuff onto upper lashes of one eye, started to tear up and itch and inner rims and eyelid (next to lashes and between them) went red, started second, first eye felt sore by now and started to swell and try to close, ran to bathroom, removed it all.
    hypothesis: either triethanolamine (a.k.a. TEA, with which I’ve had issues in the past in anything above a very low dose, and alas it’s in almost all tubing mascara…) or the fresh wheatgrass (which I’ve never knowingly applied to my eyes or near them). Full ingredients and other information here at the LUSH site.
  • review stuff on MUA that I’ve been using over the last year or so and utterly failed to review over on there. Worse still, I’ve not written any reviews there for a year. Bad me. Copy-pasting here we go…

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 1.53.01 PM


    • gingerama

      eh bien, c’est triste mais ça arrive ! et je ne regrette rien – je l’ai quand même essayé ; je l’aurais seulement regretté si je ne l’avais pas acheté. Et maintenant je sais que je suis capable de survivre quelques minutes à l’intérieur d’une boutique LUSH en prenant deux antihistamines avant…

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