no, I’m not ashamed of being Irish, but…

… sometimes you want to kick and shout and scream. I’m not event going to hint what I think the just desserts should be for anti-choice (and in this case anti-female-life) people should be; ignorant blinkered conservative Catholics of both genders, plus the predominantly male pseudo-humans in charge of running the country. Down with patriarchy, starting with the obvious parts. And so much for no hinting.

Anger aside, reportage in the Irish media, and comments elsewhere on the following may also raise bile from racism. Plain simple stupid crass inhumanity most of all. I’m forwarding the link below as they have someof the most varied discussion, including from the “I’m not a feminist but…” brigade; and people who haven’t thought about the issue, or other issues, or maybe even much in general; and people who look to to read about, well, beauty stuff and craic and gas: but who are still riled and raging.

I will be even angrier still–OK, unless this is proof of a medical condition, in which I wish you well and if you hadn’t noticed it yet, please do seek professional help–if this does not also raise a fucking human tear in anyone, including you, dear reader.

Savitha Halappanavar

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