status report

The weather is becoming colder. The clocks have gone back. The nights are drawing in. More time is being spent in a cuddly somnolent state in front of a fire, reading and/or listening to radio. OK, both of these in electronic form, I’m not that much of a traditionalist Luddite. But: into my main wintertime hobby of doing my best to hibernate.

And damnit, if that isn’t an epic struggle. 21st-century life (well, pretty much all life in the modern era, at least, after the advent of 24-hour lighting) is dead set against this one simple leisure-time activity that doesn’t hurt anyone. Might even be good for people’s moods and lead to world peace, if we were all allowed to slow down and slumber gently for part of the year. But: Back to nature, living in tune with one’s natural rhythms, all that hippy-dippy green jazz: the world does not care. You can do green stuff in your spare time, but it cannot interfere with non-spare time. The World owns your sorry arse there.

Every year, I grumble about this. I’d be happy to work longer hours in the summer, in synch with the longer daylight hours, but let me hibernate right now please. My working days currently start with arising at 5 or 6 of the a.m., usually working till 7 or 8 of the p.m., sometimes later (if I’m lucky, getting half an hour for lunch some point after 2 p.m.). Luckily, my job involves some walking around outside during the day, so I do get some daylight and exercise as routine things. It could all be worse. I could be working down a mine for 90 hours a week and low pay. Or no pay, and as an indentured worker, or worse. Like I said: could be worse.

Skin is going into winter mode. I’m back to the CeraVe moisturizing cream, the one in the huge jar. On damp skin in the morning, on top of my usual moisturizing oil (meadowfoam seed & sweet almond) in areas that need it, and as needed. On hands during the day: it’s flu season, my work involve dealing with a lot of oher human beings, I’m high risk for getting any and all Dread Lurgies that are around. So lots of hand-washing and those alcoholic cleansing things. Which both dry hands out. CeraVe helps, and absorb fast, useful if you kinda need to use your hands afterwards–typing and suchlike.

If it’s cool and damp, my skin’s happy. Dry and properly cold, or even just dry with some wind, and my skin is not. The thinner areas of skin that get buffeted by wind: my vaste expanse of exposed forehead (I’m easily a five-finger-er), the skin on cheeks next to my nose. That last area is a proper PITA:the skin is thinl but it’s also one of the areas mot prone to eczema, and to zits from hormonal fluctuations, stress, lack of sleep, etc. So: fussy skin. Like skin in the eye-area, doesn’t take well to richer heavier denser stuff. PITA, like I said. If you have skin like that, be it in patches or all over: I’d recommend giving the CeraVe cream a test-drive. Though heck, mineral oil and petrolatum have also always worked, and the latter remains my old faithful go-to remedy for dry cracking skin, especially in extreme serious hard-core cold.

Which luckily never happens here in Vancouver. Not saying I moved here for skin health, but the climate sure helps.

The usual stuff around the eyes (balm, ointment, etc.); and sunscreen (BurnOut ocean tested) on top.

That’s currently enough to take me through the day; if my skin is dry at night, I’ll use the CeraVe then too. The big danger will be when (if…) heating at work becomes extreme: biggest PITA on my skin is shifts from that kind of dry heat to a cool damp outside atmosphere; OK, probably join equal pain with moving between chill dry air-conditioning and a warm outside. Luckily, we don’t have that sort of universal con act here in Vancouver. I suffered that in the USA, but then again, our climate here is very different and doesn’t merit serious aircon.

More on that CeraVe cream here, from around about this time last year. My comments probably still stand, though I shall of course report on any changes, especially if they’re exciting and dramatic.

Also, of course, I’d hope that there will be neither drama nor excitement. No news is good news.

On the news front, some MUAing reportage coming up next, including some egg in face for yours truly. I’ll give you the moral of the story before the story itself: engage brain before operating mouth/hand-on-keyboard. And before doing so, check brain is sufficiently fueled, rested, and has time so that it can actually become engaged. You’ll see what happens when you try to communicate something fast while brain is still actually being cranked very slowly with an old rusty handle; the tragic misunderstanding hers being that the cranker believed they were just pushing a simple immediate-rapid-response shiny “on” button.

And now, back to the (hopefully not too leathery and desiccated) bat-cave of cold, damp, darkness, and toil…

UPDATE (late November): got supplies in of Allergenics Emollient Cream, at long last. Back to the old favourite. It has hyaluronic acid too. Hell I missed this stuff and am glad to have it back in/on my arms, and various other places too. Works wonders with hands.

And now for something completely different: a brief inuendo holiday. Hope that’s some respite, if not relief, whoops… till the next post anyway…

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