fall fallowness

No changes, no purchases. Stuff works fine. Contemplating saving up for next vacation, as at some point some sunshine (yes, even for flammable black-clad gingers) will be necessary, in the dark days from December to February. Dark-ish, to be fair: this is just Vancouver and pretty far south, compared say to even southern Scotland…

That having been said, I am as curious as ever about any new mascaras–including ones that are new to me–and information about any shiny sparkly novelties in the way of ingredients, technologies, formulations, techniques, and innovations in general. Bright lights to sustain life, the soul, etc. through the darkening days.


    • gingerama

      Aha! No, I’ve not yet tried it: I shall investigate further! How did you find lasting power, smudging, etc.? Though it sounds like you rather like it – but here in Vancouver, rain-proof is a much-appreciated quality.

      • Icaria

        Considering I wore it during the hottest, stickiest day last summer, I think it should have pretty good lasting power. I think it would resist drizzle, pouring rain, not so sure but then if you use an umbrella, I do hope you do, you should be fine. It’s also quite affordable, worth pinching your nose to get into a LUSH store. 😀

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