feet etc.


  • be nice to them: wear good shoes. Not heels. Something that cradles a foot kindly, and supports it.
  • and decent socks: this varies from person to person on fabrics. I like wool (ethically produced, non-mulesed, etc.), also as my wool socks last forever and are easy to fix. OK, I’ve not tested out “forever” properly yet, but I do have socks that I’ve had for 15 years+. Other folks like bamboo and bamboo rayon and other rayon from plant cellulose of various sources. Cotton may be frowned upon for being a crop that uses a lot of water, and is not awfully environmentally sound.
  • clean the buggers, at least once a day depending on use and climate conditions
  • trim toenails regularly, so as not to cut yourself or anyone else nearby
  • scrub gently as needed: pumice stone, salt scrub. Gently. Only on tougher horn-like skin. Some folks do some serious filing here, I prefer to keep serious filing action for tax returns and law-suits. Not on my tender tootsies.
  • if dry: in the evening, soak them then slather on a thick layer of some sort of balm (this could be a thick wax, or a wax/oil mix, of whatever sort); I like shea butter or my DIY balm for this. Petrolatum or lanolin or products comtaining them are a good option; for a more eco-friendly one, go for plant waxes (but taking into account distance traveled, storage costs, growth and production ethics, etc.) Then pull on a pair of socks, keep them on overnight, and hopefully feet will be less dry in the morning.
  • dry and flaky: check for eczema. Oil up overnight as previously.
  • foot baths: soak in warm water (not too hot) and oil, and then oil after. Same for hands. Recommend olive oil: the shop-bought extra virgin cooking variety; our current one is from Crete and lives in a large Kermit-green can.
  • optional: add smelly stuff. And drink a nice cup of fragrant tea of some sort (black, green, white, herbal) while soaking feet. Maybe reuse teabags as en eye-mask at the same time. That’s what I like to think of as high-level multi-tasking.
  • old love, not used for many years, but saved my feet when I was an undergraduate student and worked as a waitress and library assistant and assorted other jobs that meant being on my feet for a long time: The Body Shop peppermint & pumice foot scrub, the peppermint foot and leg lotion, and the peppermint foot spray. Heaven. They were a Christmas gift set one year, and I think this might have been the only such set I ever repurchased.

2. ETC.

It’s a whole new silly season over on MakeupAlley. This usually happens in late spring, when teenagers are struck down by exam and post-exam season, combined with spring fever and weird equinoxial tides. The result is mass lunacy.

Here’s the latest. New user. The usual million-dollar question: sincere heartfelt but terribly misjudged and misguided trolling (see use reviews) or a genuine fictional-entity troll? Spam-bot? Comedian testing out a new persona and gathering/generating new material?

Only time will tell…

And next, in response to this:

Last but not least, and no doubt there will be more, a bit of a facepalm. Lady, do you live under a rock? Quite aside from having limited spelling and grammar skills:  methinks a teenager who spends more time texting or zoning out in class than working?:

One comment

  1. Icaria

    1. Love the great humoristic info! My go to…what else, coconut oil. I’m never able to use evoo on my body. It reminds me too much of salads & it makes me miss my good fig flavored balsamic vinager.

    2. Some new members know how to make an entrance! *sigh*

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